Flipper Door Slides
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Flipper Door Slides for DIY Storage

by October 28, 2017 Architecture 0 1

Flipper door slides are probably one thing you would really need to have when it comes to making custom made cupboard and other types of storage. But in general, there..

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DIY Projects of Felt Pads for Hardwood Floors

by October 16, 2017 Floor 0 0

Felt pads for hardwood floors are useful to protect the floor from scratches that come from your furniture. As we all know, dust and your pet’s paw can cause damage..

Restain Hardwood Floors
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DIY Project to Restain Hardwood Floors

by October 11, 2017 Floor 0 0

Don’t worry about any difficulty and expensive cost you have to spend to restain hardwood floors. Many people have proven their DIY projects to make their hardwood floors stunning again...

Telescoping Dining Table DIY Tips
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Telescoping Dining Table DIY Tips

by October 6, 2017 Tips 0 0

Talking about telescoping dining table will be interesting since it gives us a way to have an extendable table consuming less space. For some people living in small apartments, this..

Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets Suitable to Your Needs 1
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Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets Suitable to Your Needs

by January 20, 2017 Cabinets Furniture 0 0

Build your own kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen look visually more appealing. You don’t always have to rely on store bought cabinets. You can start building the cabinets suitable..