Privacy Policy

Are you looking for new house or other property? You can definitely get the on line. How about you who want to sell house or other property? It works both way. But, you have to not only pick the reliable sites you absolutely also have to check their privacy policy. A lot of people only check the agreement or the term of service before making any trades. You should be a person who check not only the term of service, but also the term of policy. It is important to make sure you are not giving any information they, in this case the company, are allowed to ask from you and to make sure that they guarantee your privacy to be kept safely.

The term of privacy

The first think you will find when you are looking for the privacy policy is the term or statement of policy. Generally, it begins with their, in this case the company, commitment to protect and respect your privacy. Since it is an online transaction, you should also make sure that the statement of privacy protection includes their commitment to protect every single data and document they collect for you. It is also important for you to make sure that they give you some contact and address that allows you 24 hours of access to complain if they break their commitment of protecting your privacy. After you got all things in the term of policy, you have to start reading the policy carefully.

Give only information under the privacy policy

There are several clear statements that you should understand before giving any information. General, they will ask some personal data that you have to type when you are making the account. Most of housing sites, like the sites where the company sells house plans or offering service requires the customers to make an account. This account can be used to access every information which is available on the sites and to communicate with the company, take for example to communicate with a professional designers.

There are sometimes additional information like your address or social numbers to check your financial condition. After that, you are allowed to give some more information like comments or even complaint for the company. It is suggested for you to check whether you can have some correspondent communication with the customer service through your account and make sure you don’t give the customer service representation any information which is not mentioned in the privacy policy. You also have to make sure that your personal details would never be spread to the third party.

Online protection

Since you have to give some information online, you have to make sure that the websites have some policy to protect your data to prevent any cyber crime. It has to have Cookie Policy. It is the policy to protect your personal data which is recorded when you are visiting the site. Never ever, give your personal data to any website without cookie policy. Some cyber criminal will be able to heck your data and use it for their own purpose. It can be really dangerous when you have your account number recorded in the browsing history, especially if you use credit card to pay the transaction.

At last, you have to know where the company store your personal data. You have to make sure that all of your information is stored in their secure servers. Especially if you have some payment transaction, it should be encrypted through their payment processor. You may ask for any password and username to access the server and make sure they don’t give the password to any third party. It is suggested for you to change the password right away after you got it. It is all your responsibility if there is the third party log in to the account with the password you have received.

At last, since the company has rights to ask some information from you, you also have some rights take for example to ask anything related to the personal data you have informed to the company. Make sure that you have right to ask whether they use your personal information for any marketing purposes and make sure you can ask them in twenty four hours when any unexpected events happens. It should also be your right to change your information and change some privacy policy in the future. Take for example to change the policy whether you want some notification to your email or let any anonymous user access the data. It is also important to make sure the company give you an address and phone number, just in case you need to make some emergency changes when you cannot go online. It will also help you to check the company or to meet them in person when you want to make some big transaction.