Steel Gray Leathered Granite for Countertop and Other Surfaces in Your House

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Steel Gray Leathered Granite for Countertop and Other Surfaces in Your House

Steel gray leathered granite is a variant of granite in mid-tone that has different mica and crystal sizes. It has charming appearance with real beauty and depth. This granite has been a trendy choice due to the fact that leather texture makes it appears with nearly slate finish, combined with amazing durability of the material. There is an array of stone variation colors such as black, grey, blue, and brown with particles of light gray colors all over. The pattern has low variation, but provides waved texture. The consistency of movement and colors of each shipment from India, where the stone is quested in India is amazingly high.

For both residential and commercial building, in both interior and exterior details, steel gray makes a stunning color choice. Part of the reason is because it suits so well with wide color spectrums, from wooden tones to glossy white or black color. The material and texture gain a steady rise in terms of popularity because it offers both the visual and the durable qualities. Whether you use steel gray leathered granite countertops, bathroom tiles, or in practically any room in your house, it won’t disappoint by giving unique and alluring look to enhance the space visually.

However, as it does with other material, steel gray leathered granite also have some downsides. One of the biggest disadvantages is hard to clean surface. Compared to polished granite, it has more texture that allows dust and dirt to be trapped between the grooves. The difficulty level of cleaning this material depends on the texture level that you prefer it to be. It becomes easier to clean as the surface becomes smoother. On the contrast, it becomes harder to clean as the surface is more textured.

Stains and smudges can hide better in leathered granite rather than polished granite, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to get rid of. To clean granite material on any surface, you may use warm water and soap. For more persistent taints, a hand broom will work well to get rid of dust and crumbs that caught inside dents. By using this method to clean your leathered granite material regularly, you can maintain its exquisite appearance for years to come.

If you’re interested, you can get custom leathered granite according to your preferences. Steel gray leathered granite is definitely a choice that cannot go wrong if you want to bring a unique vibe into your space.

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