1920’s Craftsman Bungalow House Plans to Create Vintage Looking Home

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1920's Craftsman Bungalow House Plans to Create Vintage Looking Home

1920’s craftsman bungalow house plans are the documents that contain blueprint of this particular house style. It used to be popular on last century. You may be able to identify the style by its small building style, with endearing porch at the front. This particular house style became popular due to being used by Arts and Crafts movement, with addition of handcraft and woodwork both on its exterior and interior part. Craftsman bungalow even went so far as being American classic once, where people can build their own by ordering the kit through catalogues that sent mail.


“Craftsman” term in 1920’s craftsman bungalow house plans itself was popularized by Gustav Stickley, a furniture designer that used the expression in a popular magazine between 1901 and 1916. As the major advocate of Arts and Crafts movement, Stickley helped to create property market with modest and simple design as opposed to the growth of industrial mass production. Compared to the style with more complex design such as Victorian house, Craftsman is more known to prioritize simplicity. It is also worth to note that the style often used for relatively small sized house with advantage of easy to maintain and easy to match with the house owner’s preferences.


Meanwhile, “bungalow” comes from Hindi word that refers to the province of Bengal, where the style came for back in 18th century. It carries similar characteristic as craftsman style, with modest house size, one story building, and straw roofing. However, the term transformed and it was used more to describe a built house under British colonial. This term now is referring to small sized house that has one story or one-half stories, gabled roof, and a front porch that is designed with roofing. This certain type of porch is also known to be called veranda. You can easily search for vintage craftsman bungalow house plans with these characteristics.

There are some main features that almost always present in craftsman bungalow house style. These include low pitched roof with disclosed rafters, horizontal building shape, house base that extends down to ground, one or one and a half stories, siding from stucco, wood, or stone material, chimney from stone material, built-in lighting and furnishing, huge fireplace, and lots of installed windows. Even though craftsman and bungalow make a famous pairing, they aren’t always linked to each other. That being said, there are sure lots of 1920’s craftsman bungalow house plans inspirations to get to build your dream house.

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