Exterior Crown Molding

Exterior Crown Molding Materials and Other Details Regarding the Decorative Molding

by September 16, 2019

In some houses, it is possible to find exterior crown molding. Crown molding becomes one of the popular exterior and interior decorations. Although it looks simple, it can give nice effect for room decoration. In term of exterior molding, it is actually still similar to the interior one. Its location in the house is the main difference between them.

The crown molding becomes simple way to create wonderful look at house construction. Instead of seeing the corner and edges of wall and roof, it is better to decorate the corner with nice molding. In this case, there are various kinds of exterior crown molding material. Of course, each of them has different characteristic and it is good to know some of them.

Plaster crown molding

For the first option, there is material of plaster. One of the clear characteristic about this material is that the molding can be heavy. Even, this becomes one of the heaviest materials. This condition makes it difficult to install. Therefore, professionals are required to place the plaster crown molding on the construction. Although it is heavy, plaster is quite popular since it is easy to shape. That is why various plaster moldings have awesome details to offer.  Related to its design and appearance, some moldings are left without paints, but there are also painted plaster. Of course, the painted crown molding has nicer and better look.

Wood crown molding

The next option of exterior crown molding is the wood molding. This is great material for those who want to have natural tone in the house. When plaster molding is known heavy, wood molding is not. Even, it is one of the lightweight crown moldings to find. This material also provides easier access for the installation. However, it cannot be installed by using adhesive, so it requires nails. The great appearance is supported by the natural color and texture of wood. However, it cannot have aesthetic details as found in the plaster crown molding.

These two materials are only some of the varieties in crown molding. In addition to them, there are polyurethane and the combination of plaster and foam. Each of them has different characteristic in weight, installation process, and other details. For the designs, there are also more options to take. However, the designs of exterior crown molding will always be about curves, and there can be various levels of curves in each molding.

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