Craftsman Wainscoting

Installing Craftsman Wainscoting in The Best Locations

by September 13, 2019

Craftsman wainscoting is one of the best treatments for the wall. As we all know, wainscoting is the idea of applying panels on the wall to make it look even more interesting. Craftsman is the best product when it comes for the panels. They are all beautifully designed and surely can make the house looks more dashing. Well, here are some ideas of where to apply the paneling at home.

In the Living Room

Surely enough, the living room is just perfect to be installed with the Craftsman wainscoting. Sometimes, people love the living room walls to be plain and blank. Later on, they add wall decors such as paintings on it. However, to elevate the beauty of the living room wall, you can use wainscot panels instead of wall arts. It will make the wall look multi-dimensional and make it looks more sophisticated as well. Try to impress the guests coming to your house by sitting them in a living room completed by wainscot panels.

In the Kitchen

The best wainscoting styles can be applied in the kitchen. Kitchen is the area where most of the wainscot panels are installed. The panels work as the wall decoration as well as to protect the original wall from food splash and stains from cooking. The panels here work just like a backsplash, which is very useful in every kitchen. The wainscoting panels should be installed all across the kitchen walls, including behind the stove and cabinetry. If the kitchen uses shelves, the panels can be installed just below the shelves.

In the Bedroom

Last but not least, the best place to install the panels is in the bedroom. The bedroom should reflect comforts and beauty. That is why the panels are needed. The wainscoting panels are in the design of complicated crafting, which is perfect to help elevating the aesthetic value of the bedroom. Surely enough, the bedroom is going to look amazing and comfortable for the owner to spend time in there. The room with wainscoting panels looks relatively warmer and cozier as well.

Now that you know where exactly you can put Craftsman panels at home, you can turn the boring wall into something interesting and great to look at. If you are not too familiar with the technique of wainscoting, make sure the panels are installed by professionals. It is all to make the Craftsman wainscoting look perfect on the wall.

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