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Centipede Grass Plugs and Several Things to Consider Before Start Planting

by September 1, 2019

Planting centipede grass plugs is not difficult activity. As long as you follow the instruction, the grass will grow according to what you want. Knowing basic information about centipede grass is preferable thing to do. You do not want to let your field and grass without proper care, right? Well, the next list will explain few important things that people should know.


This grass is not definitely from America or Europe. The plant morphology is closely related to species that live in Asia. For more specific place, centipede grass comes from South Asia and China. From this point, you can expect what this grass can do and how to do the maintenance. Due to excellent result in field, people took this grass and started to put in America lawn. Of course, some of them are successful to produce more, but the rest is less fortunate. One key reason is climate. The extreme climate is not favorable to centipede grass.

Medium color and coarse texture

Centipede grass plugs which are available at store have light green. However, the mature grass will turn into mild green with slightly blue. You often see filed with two greens in area that one is very dark, but another is lighter. One area with a little darker tone is commonly centipede grass. The color changes to adapt with surrounding.

Adaptable to mild weather

Even though centipede grass is adaptable, there is still drawback that you should know. This grass is commonly for tropical and mild weather. Heavy rain and moist is common for this grass in origin countries. On the other side, the grass is also capable to adjust with weather or climate that’s a little bit extreme from originality. Of course, only few states in America have this kind of weather. That’s why you should check what kind of weather in your area before decided to ask on how to make centipede grass plugs.

One minor issue is you cannot expect this grass to protect from leak and draught. Centipede grass has mechanism to let all draught in order to stay longer in proper soil. At beginning, you need to spend extra money for proper soil and fertilizer. Initial investment is quite high when you decide to put centipede grass. After that, the rest of maintenance will be not much expensive, even you can let this grass grows without proper care. That’s why people decide to only plant centipede grass in their backyard. You can let centipede grass plugs to grow as they want to be, but still look good.

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