Geo Zoysia Grass

Geo Zoysia Grass Guides and Details to Help You Create the Most Beautiful Lawn

by August 23, 2019

Geo Zoysia Grass is the premium zoysia grass that is fine and refined bladed. With its beautiful uniform deep green color, no doubt it is one of the nicest turfgrasses you can invest for your individual property or commercial uses. Compared to other zoysia, the Geo Zoysia it is the more convenience choice because it excels in terms performance such as the cold and shade tolerance, the soft feel, the fine texture, and the tolerance of wearing off.

It can tolerate various conditions of the temperature, climate, water, and sunlight. It’s even able to resist erosion and repels weeds all year round. Geo Zoysia also holds outstanding immunity against disease, insect, or fungus damage. The benefits of using Geo Zoysia exceed the maintenance aspect of it. It is also easy to find geo zoysia grass for sale anywhere.

The uses of Geo Zoysia Grass range widely. It’s an ideal choice for the home lawns if you opt to have the best and stand out lawn in the neighborhood. It performs well aesthetically for commercial landscapes. It creates a refreshing and natural vibes when used in park and recreation areas. Moreover, it gives optimum benefits for the golf courses to create teeing areas and fairways.

The Advantages Geo Zoysia Grass Sod

Geo Zoysia Grass Sod is commonly used for various utilities. From the small households that need to create or repair their lawn, vast golf courses, to the extensive high-maintenance sports stadiums─even if the field has died. A lot of landscapers, property builders or residential owners buy it for the household construction, as it is able to quickly establish lawn and avoid erosion of the soil.

The wonderful thing about the Geo Zoysia Grass Sod aside from the aesthetic purpose is that it would benefits both the owner and the environment direct and indirectly. The environmental benefits such as:

  1. Cooling effect
    When it is well-established, it has a rapid cooling effect. Imagine if only eight lawn of houses in your neighborhood plant this grass, it can build the same amount of cooling effect as 70 tons air conditioning. Compared to the central air units of home by average, each produces 3-4 tons cooling capacity.
  2. Provide oxygen
    The grass also helps provide oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide by its natural photosynthesis process. When grow densely and healthily, it is able to filter the estimated 12 million tons of dirt and dust that released into the atmosphere.
  1. Preventing errosion and filtering water
    In this era of development where human continue to cover natural drainage areas by building habitat and infrastructure, the Geo Zoysia Grass Sod is ready to offer and aid. It gives effective help at preventing run-off, flooding, erosion, and sedimentation by filtering the water back into the ground.

Empire Geo Zoysia Grass Superior Characteristics

Empire Geo Zoysia Grass is the grass species that has shown an exceptional performance for landscaper, specifiers, homeowners, golf courses designers and many others. It’s the type of Zoysia grass that need low maintenance across wide ranges of uses and applications. Below are few characteristic of the grass.

  1. Blue shade undertone
    It has blue shade undertone to its clear lighter green color. The blade is also slightly wider balder than other Zoysia grasses. When planted, it can grow in various types and conditions of climate and soil, even the dense clay and rare sandy type. It has deep roots, rhizomes, and runners that will provide top-notch strength, tolerance, and wear ability.
  1. High capability
    The Empire Geo Zoysia Grass has proven itself to perform well under the hotness and dryness in many regions of applications. Empire Geo Zoysia Grass exhibit temperate shade tolerance, but the growth will still stand against warm climate.

Usually, grasses won’t be able or struggle to recover from brown patch problems, but the Empire has demonstrated to improve its tolerance towards the wear-off. It can be difficult for the grass to grow optimally under water restrictions; this principle applies to any kinds of plants. However, due to the state of its underground rhizomes, the Empire will still continue to grow. After it receives water back, the green color will be back in no time.

Empire Geo Zoysia Grass Fertilizer Rules to Apply

In order to grow healthily and beautifully, the grass needs support from the healthy soil. It is the true and essential part of establishing a great lawn. Fertilizer is considered as a basic need for the plant. You must choose the fertilizer that specifically made for Empire Geo Zoysia Grass for the maximum lawn performance.

Even though the fertilizer is important for the soil, but remember to do everything in consideration. If you apply too many fertilizers, the fertility level will be high, resulting unhealthy, thatch lawn, and increasing risk of disease. There rate of fertilizer needed will differ in cool and warm season.

Calculate the size of your lawn, the amount of fertilizer to apply according to it, and evaluate the performance after the process has ended. The composition of the fertilizer also matters. Nitrogen is the main compound, followed by phosphorus and potassium.

Empire Geo Zoysia Grass Maintenance Guides

It’s best for you to treat differently according to the season. But there are several basic maintenance to do throughout the year. Empire Geo Zoysia Grass should be mowed every 7-10 days during the growing season. It is recommended to keep the height of the lawn around an inch or two. A rotary mower or reel mower will make sure the grass’ blades sharp.

Use the fertilizer around the growing season. As stated before, the fertilizer that particularly made for the Zoysia grass will give optimum result. Run a soil test to know what the best ratio of fertilizer is best for your lawn. A very important to remember is to fertilize when the grass is in dry condition, because the fertilizer will burn when put on wet grass.

The seasonal maintenance for Empire Geo Zoysia Grass is concentrated on the summer or winter weeds. Apply herbicide in the spring and fall if needed to prevent the weeds on the next season. Due to the chances and amount of rainfall during the spring and summer, you should be careful of overwatering. The Zoysia grass will only need an inch of water once a week. Water the Empire Geo Zoysia Grass in the early morning time, less frequently for longer periods of time.

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