Zorro Zoysia and the Important Points about Its Characteristics and Maintenance

by August 20, 2019

When you are looking for a lawn for your house, zorro zoysia is the right option to take. It is true that there are many kinds of lawn and grass type, but the variety of this zoysia is considered as one of the best option for the lawn in garden, even for the golf field. In order to give more confirmations, it is good to know the grass deeper.

Best Fertilizer for Zorro Zoysia and Fertilizing Information

When you are dealing with zorro zoysia grass, of course fertilization becomes one of the important things to get your attention. It is not only for the zoysia varieties, but most grasses and lawns always need the good fertilization. It is because they are not kind of random grass that grows in your house. You grow the grass for certain purposes and that is why you need to keep its good growth and condition.

When it talks about the best and recommended fertilizers, the important point is its rate of nitrogen. This grass needs good composition of nitrogen that is why you should check the products containing high level of nitrogen. Then, for this grass, granular is the better choice. This dry fertilizer is good to use since it can be applied easily and you will be able to measure the fertilizer well to get the best composition.

In applying the fertilizer, you need to find the good composition. It will be closely related to the weather. That is why it is important to see these points.

  1. Mid-spring
    It is the moment when the grass starts to show its green color after the frost moment during winter. In this condition, it is good to choose the fertilizer that has type of slow-release nitrogen. Then, 1.5 pound of nitrogen will be enough to cover 1000 square feet.
  2. Mid-summer
    If the zorro zoysia does not show dark green color, it is good to apply the fertilizer. In this case, 1 pound is enough to fertilize the whole 1000 square feet. This is actually optional and the color of the grass is the indicator.
  3. Early fall
    In this moment, it is not only the nitrogen needed by the grass. The phosphorus and potassium is also needed. Fortunately, NPK fertilizers contain these substances. For the measurement, it uses the same measure as in the mid-spring.
  4. Winter
    In the winter, the grass will be dormant. That is why it does not need any fertilizer. The grass can be fertilized once the winter is over and there is no risk of cold weather anymore.


Important Points of Zorro Zoysia Grass Maintenance

Fertilizing is important. However, it is not the only maintenance and treatment needed by your grass. You should also consider other points of the maintenance. In this case, you should check the information, so your grass can grow well and you get the best color and condition of grass.

  1. Irrigation
    The zorro zoysia is type of grass that has good tolerance in drought, so it needs less water. However, irrigation is still required, especially during the summer. Then, when it grows on the sandy ground, it needs more irrigation to keep the sand quite moist. Although the grass will be dormant during the winter, it still needs water. It is to prepare when the grass enters the spring season. However, it only needs water occasionally.
  2. Mowing
    Your grass will keep growing and it will have quite annoying density and height when you do not mow them. In this case, every person or homeowner may have different standard of height. Moreover, the growth rate of the grass can be different in other place depending on the treatment.

    As for recommendation, mowing the grass once a week is enough. In case the grass grows faster, of course, it needs more mowing frequency. In the process, sharp blades are needed no matter the tools that you use since the grass can be so dense.

  3. Burning
    In some conditions, thatch can easily grow. It is big problem since thatch is like a soil, and it can make the root grow in wrong direction. That is why burning becomes one of the solution to solve the thatch. This can be done after the dormancy period. It will burn the thatch, but there is no harm or serious damage taken by the zorro zoysia. The grass will grow again and even it can grow better since the ground is clear and there is no problem to worry about.


The Characteristic of Zorro Zoysia Lawn

Of course, it is also important to know the characteristic of the zorro zoysia. It is type of the grass that is so popular and surely the characteristics become the reason. As its name, it is one of the zoysia varieties. The seed was developed and then released in 2002.

The grass has good green color in darker tone. It is not kind of grass that has bright green. Then, the leaves are considered as the main beauty of the grass. This is quite different from other zoysia grasses since this has fine shapes of blades. Then, it is very soft, even when it reaches its peak density. That is why it is good for garden, golf field, and other conditions.

The zorro zoysia is also easy to maintenance. As what is mentioned above, it goes dormant during the winter since it needs sun. However, 4 hours of sun is more than enough for the grass. It also has good recovery speed that is why people can easily move and even run on the grass.

Zorro Zoysia Care to Deal with Insects and Diseases

For the case, insects become one of the problems. Fortunately, it has good resistance, so only few insects will harm the grass. Of course, applying insecticides is recommended when the insects start to appear.

Then, there is also disease and brown patch is the most common to find. When the problem appears, it is important stop using the fertilizer. After some moments, the grass will start to recover when the soil starts to dry.

These become some important information about the zorro zoysia lawn. All of these will give you knowledge about the grass, especially the treatment to keep them grow well and healthily. Of course, the zorro zoysia can make your garden or park more beautiful.

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