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All About El Toro Zoysia Grass that People Need to Know

by August 17, 2019

El Toro zoysia grass, it is the kind of lawn grass used by a lot of people around the world. The grass is well-known for its high durability, low maintenance, and excellent dark green color. That is why they often used to cover lawn and even golf pitch. They are great for commercial uses, too. Here is more information about the grass.

El Toro Zoysia Grass Plugs

First of all, let’s talk about the grass’ plugs, especially its characteristics. There are a lot of prominent characteristics of the El Toro zoysia grass. Down below, you will find out some of its best characteristics so you can figure out its excellent nature. Here they are:

1. High Drought Tolerance
The first, and most well-known, characteristic of the grass is its high drought tolerance. As we know, grass lawn has to be watered constantly to keep it green and alive. However, with El Toro, the job is going to be a bit easier because water is not required that badly.

The grass is still going to grow during drought. Even when there is no water at all inside the soil, the grass will keep growing easily. This is the reason why El Toro grass is demanded in many areas or districts where it is sunny and dry most of the time.

2. Durable Dark Green Color
The best characteristics of the El Toro zoysia grass that can be seen easily is its dark green color. The color is really stunning and beautiful. This is why the grass is often used for commercial usage in which appearance is number one.

The dark green color won’t fade easily. It won’t even turn brown and awful in colder time, such as by the end of the fall or during the winter. The grass basically retains its amazing color shade all year long.

3. Has Extensive Root System
The last characteristic of El Toro grass that will be talked about here is its extensive root system. The grass has the ability to establish strong, sturdy root inside the soil. It makes the grass grows even better from time to time.

You do not have to be worried about the grass falling out easily and get dried. The extensive root system allows the grass to retain moisture and water easier and it will survive through extreme weather, including drought for sure.

El Toro Zoysia Grass for Sale

The characteristics of the El Toro zoysia grass surely give a hint on how great the grass is. This is why it is understandable to find a lot of people looking for the grass for sale. Here are some more reasons why the grass is thriving on market.

1. Great Traffic Tolerance
If you are looking for a kind of grass lawn that will survive through heavy traffic, El Toro is the perfect answer. The grass is strong and sturdy. It will not get easily destroyed on heavy foot traffic. Stomping and running won’t even tear the grass so easily.

This is why the grass is perfect to be used in covering commercial lawns, such as school lawn, public park yard, school yard, and golf pitch. It will stay there for a long time without having to be replaced frequently.

2. Requires Less Watering
A lot of people are looking for El Toro for sale because they do understand that they are busy people. When people are busy, they do not have spare time to water the lawn and mow the lawn as well.

El Toro requires very little maintenance. They do not need to be watered every single day. They also do not grow wildly that they need to be mowed often. El Toro just needs to be watered once or twice a week and mowed probably once in a month.

3. Requires No Fertilizer
When you have small children or pets, you may want to avoid using any fertilizer on the lawn. It has chemical residue that may be so dangerous for the children and pets, especially when they make direct contact to the grass.

Thankfully, this grass does not even need fertilizer to grow beautifully. They have extensive root system as well as drought resistant characteristic that may help them to grow heavily without the need of fertilizer.

El Toro Zoysia Grass Shade Tolerance

The biggest considerations when choosing lawn grass is the shade tolerance of the grass. What about the shade tolerance of El Toro zoysia grass? Figure out the answer down below and it will convince you of how excellent the grass is.

1. Its Shade Tolerance
The shade tolerance of the grass is extremely high. It means that the grass will keep growing even in shaded environment where the sunlight is so little. The grass will even retain its green color in the environment.

This is why the grass is often used in the area where the sunlight is limited. A lawn shaded by massive trees can use El Toro grass to cover the surface and enhance its appearance. The grass becomes very versatile in any kinds of environment, including the shaded one.

2. Color Changing on the Leaves
Related to the shade tolerance, lawn grass often gets color changing when the environment is shaded. Thankfully, that is not any of the El Toro zoysia problems at all. The grass is still going to thrive in shaded environment and won’t change its color.

The worse thing that can happen to the grass when the environment is shaded is probably getting a little bit paler on the surface. However, this is not extreme and the dark green shade can still be seen easily, even in the low-light environment.

Now that you know everything about the grass, you should consider using one to cover up the lawn of yours. El Toro zoysia grass is incredibly durable and resistant to most of bad stuff, including bugs, extreme weather, and drought. This is the reason why the grass is so popular to be used all across the world.

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