Zoysia plugs

The Benefits of Using Zoysia Plugs

by August 14, 2019

Zoysia plugs are often needed when you want the yard to be covered by green grass without many efforts. Zoysia grass, also known as turf grass, is a kind of Asian grass that are easy to maintain and perfect to cover large lawn. What are the benefits of using it? Find out more about it down below.

Less Watering

The best thing about using Zoysia plugs is the fact that they do not need to be watered so frequently. The grass is easier to maintain, even when you do not have much time tending it. They are completed by deep and elaborated roots to retain water and thus you do not need to water it all the time. This is why the grass is often chosen by busy home owners.

Resistant to Pests

The nature of Zoysia is resistant to disease and to pests. This is why you do not need to support the grass by sprinkling chemicals or any dangerous elements to make it grow better. The grass will be great just the way it is. It does not require anything at all to grow well and to be resistant to pests. It makes the grass looks healthier as well.

The Minimum Mowing

The best time of when to plant Zoysia plugs is when you are too lazy mowing the lawn. The grass has slow rate of growth. However, it is the upward growth. Instead of growing upward, the grass is going to spread and covering the lawn first. This is why you do not need to mow the lawn so frequently and just perfect for those who do not have spare time.

Temperature Tolerant

Some of the best features of Zoysia grass is including its temperature tolerant nature. The grass is still going to be alive and fresh even when the weather is scorching hot. It won’t die during winter time either. The only time for the grass to go brown and slightly dry is when the winter is over. Other than that, the grass is going to look great all year long.

Well, those are some of the best benefits you can get from using the grass. Considering that Zoysia is easy to get and they are fairly inexpensive, you will have to choose using the grass to make sure the Zoysia plugs are going to create beautiful-looking lawn in front of house.

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