Zoysia sod cost

Zoysia Sod Cost and the Factors Affecting Its Price

by August 11, 2019

Zoysia sod cost is one of the main factors that you need to consider if you plan on starting or remodeling your lawn with this grass variety. It is known for its hardiness. The grass variety is strong enough to be grown in shaded areas that do not receive high volume of sunlight. It is also great if your area tend to experience long drought. Nonetheless, you must be mindful of your own budget because this grass variety can be quite expensive, even if it is relatively low maintenance.

Bermuda sod cost

The first factor that affects its price is definitely the sod type. There are plenty Zoysia types known in the market: Zorro Zoysia, Emeral Zoysia, Bermuda, and Fescue. They all have different characteristics that you need to understand and match with your needs. Bermuda sod cost is known to be the most expensive if compared to the other types. Even within one type of a sod, there are varieties of grade. The higher your grass’s grade is, the pricier each sod becomes. It will definitely affect how the grass will grow.

Zoysia sod cost

Your yard is also another factor that is going to affect the total Zoysia sod cost in the end. The size of your yard will determine how many sods need to be purchased. Larger yard will cost more than moderate size yard because it needs more sods. The design of yard also influence that cost. Let’s say that your yard does not have regular shape (rectangle or square), you will encounter more issues when trying to place your sods. Trimming the sods becomes quite important task to do to ensure that your irregular shaped yard will be covered entirely.

The place where you get the sods is also important. You need to do research beforehand to find the best sod quality at the lowest price possible. Usually, there will be infamous sellers that people will opt to buy from. However, if you managed to do your research appropriately, you might be able to get the sods from a local wholesaler at significantly lower price. Getting advice from people who have worked with this type of grass is also important.

To cut down the cost, you can choose to install the sods by yourself. However, if you do not have knowledge in gardening previously, you are recommended to hire a professional. The professional will ensure that your grass will grow wonderfully. You need to make approximation of Zoysia sod cost and maintenance before starting the project.

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