emerald Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia: What are the Characteristics and Maintenance Steps?

by August 8, 2019

Would you like to beautify your garden with emerald Zoysia? This grass variety is known for its desirable characteristics such as drought resistant. This particular characteristic enables it to grow in an area that is prone to drought season since it does not require high volume of water. The grass can also handle not receiving high amount of sunshine. It can just receive sunlight for about four to five hours in a day and still grow wonderfully. This grass can tolerate low temperature pretty well too.

The emerald Zoysia is considered one of the most beautiful grass varieties to be planted in the lawn. It is due to its emerald green color that pops out even if the surroundings are not too supportive. The grass has fine texture that feels gentle against your skin. It also grows with high density, so you will not see bald patches in your garden. This grass variety does not grow too tall either. The tallest it can grow is about 12 inches. Your lawn will not look unkempt if you choose this variety.

What people love the most about this grass variety is indeed its hardiness. As mentioned previously, this grass can handle low amount of water and sunlight. It is also resistant to low temperature, which means that it can still grow in cold winter. It can resist many kinds of diseases that threaten to cut its life short. This grass also tolerates injury quite well. If it experiences injury (e.g.: being stepped on too often), the grass will grow back to its assuming position.

Emeral Zoysia grass maintenance

Emeral Zoysia grass maintenance is also very easy. There is no need to water it too often. However, you still need to water it every day within the first weeks to ensure that the grass gets a head start. That will encourage its roots to plant themselves firmly into your lawn’s ground. Since the grass does not grow too tall, you do not need to mow your lawn frequently. You need removing clippings and reel mower to do the mowing job. Homeowner is also advised against fertilizing this grass too often since it might actually damage the structure. Three times a year is the recommended frequency.

You are recommended to plant it during the spring season then start applying the fertilizer eight weeks after that. Although it is hardy, when you spot wild weeds growing, you need to remove them right away. Nonetheless, there is nothing not to like about emerald Zoysia.

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