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Flexible Crown Molding for Excellent Crown Installation in Less Cost

by August 5, 2019

If you want to decorate round ceiling, the right solution is flexible crown molding. This kind of crown is unique because it’s capable to mold into round, curve, and circular position. You may see stunning building with round ceiling which has crown. You might wonder how to install that one perfectly in tight spot. Furthermore, the crown is capable to support the ceiling and wall without much hassle. The answer is in flexible material, and rubber is the solution.

Design and style

In past time, decorating crown to attach in round ceiling was not simple task. Only people with advanced skill could do perfect crown molding. As the result, only building or house for specific purposes had this kind of round crown. As you can see, the old palace and church are one of them that people still admire the design.

You may want to imitate such decoration, but do not have much option in term of budget and expertise. Real round molding for crown is expensive and consumes much time. As solution, you can rely on flexible crown molding. The design is varied from simple pattern or complex ornament. They are flexible enough to bend in circular angle between one side and other. If want full round crown. You only need two or three crowns attached together.

Installation and material

Due to flexibility feature, this crown molding is ready to install in any place. In fact, having flexible means it is capable to attach in plain and straight spot. This function takes benefit from material that’s easy to bend in extreme way. You do not need to cut or add holder when installing this crown. Just keep it in straight mode. On the other side, flexible crown molding installation will attach perfectly, even in difficult spot. That’s why the installation does not take much time. You can hire professional, and the job is done in quick time.

Cost and maintenance

Attaching plaster and wood for crown is extremely expensive. The result is high quality and durability, but you need to spend more money for such decoration. As alternative, this flexible option is less cost and capable to bring the same decorative result. Of course, you have to make sure the maintenance is at regular way. For future construction, the cost is quite reliable and affordable.

From above explanation, you now understand why this kind of crown molding becomes favorite choice in modern decoration. With simple construction and installation, the crown is ready attached. Therefore, this is what you should know about flexible crown molding.

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