MDF crown molding

MDF Crown Molding and Its Benefits When Installed at Home

by July 30, 2019

Adding crown is a part of room decoration, and one of top choices is MDF crown molding. Crown is installed between ceiling and wall to fill the corner. It is also useful as protection for the wall, both indoor and exterior part, from external force. In the past time, plaster and wood were the most common crowns for house, building, and any place. Nowadays, you will find some materials with more advantages compared to the old ones. Few things about this kind of crown molding are explained in the following sections.

Material and durability

Put aside the design or style for a moment. You can decorate the crown with anything, but the material and durability are the most important considerations. MDF is medium density fiberboard that consists of resin and sawdust. Both are the key materials to this crown as the composite compound. As you know, resin creates strong durability especially when you put it in high place.

Durability has several aspects. MDF will provide flexible holder to the top and lower parts. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor crown, but you should avoid direct sunlight. Even though insect or termite cannot penetrate easily, there is a risk for dent. Therefore, durability is quite excellent as long as it is installed properly.

Installation and design

For the design, MDF crown molding is favorite design due to easy to mold into various designs. You can create simple crown or complex pattern through MDF material. That’s why many regular houses have stunning crown in their ceiling and wall. Due to flexibility, it is capable to bend and adjust easily to make sure the entire place is covered. For the design, you may order the existing one or customized molding from the vendor.

MDF crown molding installation does not take long, unless the position needs utmost delicacy. It takes several few hours to measure and adjust the length. One critical issue is when you cut MDF to fit certain measurement. Due to material, it produces mode debris. You need to be careful when doing cutting without proper protection. After that, the rest of installation is relatively simple and easy.

Cost and maintenance

Another reason why MDF becomes the top choice is cost. You do not have to spend much crown on wood because the design and flexibility are reliable from MDF. On the other side, the maintenance is simple as long as you keep them in clean way. To prolong the durability, add smooth plaster to cover MDF surface.

At the store, MDF itself has several levels regarding the quality. You may purchase the lowest one for indoor area due to the affordable cost. If you need excellent crown, the best MDF crown molding is preferable.

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