Clogged Kitchen Sink with Sitting Water

Clogged Kitchen Sink with Sitting Water and Some Easy Solutions to Deal with It

by July 27, 2019

Sink is the important part in your kitchen, yet there can be problem of clogged kitchen sink with sitting water. It is your spot to clean plates and other cooking equipment. When the sink is clogged, of course it should be solved as soon as possible, so can use your kitchen sink again. In this case, there are some useful tips to fix the clogged kitchen sink. Surely, it can be useful insights for dealing with this frustrating problem.

Clogged kitchen makes the water cannot be wasted. When this happens, the sink will not be able to work anymore and you have to find alternative place to wash cooking equipment. This can be frustrating. Luckily, there is always solution for problem, and it also works for the clogged kitchen sink. If you are interested to unclog clogged kitchen sink with sitting water, there are two options that are easy to do.

Unclog the kitchen sink by using plunger

Plunger is your first solution. It is simple tool that will solve your problem easily. Actually, it is not a special device. Most houses have plunger since it is not only to unclog the clogged kitchen sink. It is also easy to use. What you need to do is to clean and remove any items around the clogged drain. These can be other obstacles if you do not clean it. After that, you can fill the sink with some water. Half of the sink is enough.

Once the sink gets the water, it is time to use the plunger. You only need to place the plunger on the drain and press it. In this step, you have to make sure that it gets pressure and it is not easily released. Once the pressure works, you only need to press and pull the plunger quickly. It needs your efforts for several minutes. After that, you can try to remove the plunger and see the results. When the water runs quickly, you have solved the problems. If it still does not work, repeat the step or solving clogged kitchen sink with sitting water.

Unclog the sink by using vinegar and baking soda

It also requires you to clean the sink and drain. Then, you have to open the drain and pour some water. After that, you can get your baking soda and pour it continued by the vinegar. As the finishing touch, you can get boiling water. Once these three substances are poured, get some minutes to wait and see the reactions. \

Those are two effective ways to solve clogged sink. It can be done by yourself and only needs some of your effort. If you are not satisfied with the results, both of methods can be combined, and the second method should be done first. These surely will fix your clogged kitchen sink with sitting water.

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