PVC wainscoting

PVC Wainscoting with High Durability and Capability for Wall Protection

by July 21, 2019

PVC wainscoting has more durability to cover the area with high moisture and dampness. The material is capable to prevent water or liquid to penetrate the wall. In fact, you can cover the entire bathroom with wainscoting method to prolong its capability. To know more about these things, several explanations are useful as reference.

Wainscoting function

First thing you should understand is about wainscoting. This term has broad definition and implementation. Some people think beadboard is similar to wainscoting. In fact, the latters will cover what beadboard supposed to be. In general, wainscoting is method to cover the lower part of wall. You may see the room that the walls have separator between top and lower sections. Top one is the real wall without coating, and the lower one is what wainscoting will be.

The basic function is indoor protection, especially PVC material that has high durability. Building with water resistant and damp proof is expensive. As solution, certain rooms rely on it, for example wainscoting bathroom. Well, bathroom is the best place to install it as the function is to maintain the damp level.


At first glance, most of wainscoting has plain and white color. Designers use this option in order to distinguish between other sections of the wall. The height is flexible but suggested choice is more than 1/3 from original wall height. Some rooms have higher wainscoting; even it covers almost the entire wall. It is often found in the area that needs extra protection, such as nursery and kids’ room.

Installation and maintenance

PVC wainscoting is easy to install with simple tool and instructions. At first, you should clean the entire wall and make sure no dirt is attached. The rest of task involves adding wainscoting directly. One benefit for having PVC is high durability. It lasts longer than solid wood and of course less weight. For maintenance, you only need to clean and take all stains at board surface. On the other side, you need extra attention at the corner.

Cost and repair

The cost depends on PVC quality you pick. The best quality is expensive, but still affordable compared to other materials. Initial cost includes how large area you want to cover. Of course, bigger room needs more wainscoting, and the cost will increase significantly. For the repair, it consists of two options: replacing or covering the existing board. If the wainscoting is broken beyond repair, you need to replace it immediately.

With the right product, your home will be more reliable and stunning. Wainscoting has function as protection, but it is expanded to decorative ornament. This is what you know about PVC wainscoting.

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