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Beadboard Paneling for Wall Covering and Tips to Install It Properly

by July 18, 2019

Using beadboard paneling becomes the right choice for covering the wall directly. The term beadboard refers to wooden plank attached each other. They are often mounted on the wall in bathroom, hall, even ceiling. You can install it relatively at below parts that touch the floor or ground. As the result, the wall looks like having two sections. The top one is regular wall appearance, and the rest of half below part is covered by beadboard.

Function and style

People often ask why the house needs beadboard. In term of utilization, there is not much function, unless you are in great need. Covering the wall is the main basic function to any board. However, this board is mostly not for decoration, unless you intend to put it in that way. You can just install wallpaper and have stunning wall decorating.

On the other hand, beadboard is mostly to protect the wall from direct touch and extreme situation. For example, if you have kids, the board will help to be as safety guard. The texture is relatively soft but strong enough to hold any force. Besides, the board is useful to control moisture in bathroom.

Installation and durability

At store, you have two choices based on the way beadboard paneling is produced. Classic panel consists of plank that’s attached on the wall one by one. For simple and fast way, you can use complete board that’s easily attached directly with adding plank side by side from beginning. The installation requires glue, trim, and protector.

The old board used hardwood with high durability, but still had deficiency. Wood was not good for longer installation, especially in sensitive area, such as kitchen and bathroom. As alternative, the artificial one is created to be more powerful when you install it in those areas.

Cost and repair

Moreover, the cost for this board depends on how large the area you want to cover. If installing in the entire room, you will spend much budget. The recent beadboard for ceiling is relatively affordable due to cheap production that’s not much complex. One critical issue is when the board is depraved or torn apart. The solid wood will have cracks that need to be replaced immediately. You need to replace one section board just for one crack. If still possible, cover those cracks with additional plywood. In traditional installation, one plank is broken, and the replacement is only for that part.

Well, beadboard is easily to find at store. The design is relatively similar because it is not much for decoration, although still possible. You just choose the right beadboard paneling and install it at home.

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