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Foam Crown Molding and Some Options of Style for Your Interior

by July 15, 2019

When you are going to build or renovate your house, you may need to include foam crown molding in your consideration. It may not seem as the basic needs in the constructions, but these are very useful both for decoration and construction. The molding will make the corner that connects the wall and roof look great and soft. It will become valuable addition to your home interior. Even, it can also be used in exterior when you need some moldings on the wall.

When talking about crown molding, there are many kinds to see related to foam crown molding style. You will have various designs and styles for the molding. Of course, it is more about personal preference to pick the most suitable designs for your interior. In term of material, the foam molding is better since it is easy to install and gives more variations of styles and designs. In case you want some references, these are some good styles to choose.

Classical molding style

For the first option, you can have classic for the theme. This is called as the most common style to choose. You will have some square lines which are combined with round edges to give aesthetic part of the molding. There may also be some details of pattern to find on surface of mold to make it more attractive.

Greek molding style

Your next option of foam crown molding is the Greek style. When you often watch movies and documentary of Greek building, you will see these concepts on moldings. These are like the old and artistic Greek details in interior. These patterns and designs are great. However, the details make you have to spend more for the price as it is pricy compared to other molding style.

Colonial molding style

This is the style found in 18th century. It can be seen easily from the crown size. The size is bigger compared to other styles. Well, it becomes the clear differences. There are also concave curves and other details. These may be less popular, but still look great for the interior designs.

Those are great designs of molding style. What you need to do is to pick the options of molding style. Since it is foam molding, it will not be too difficult to find the good options for your house. When you already get foam crown molding, the next job is only to install the crown molding.

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