Phenolic Resin Countertop

Phenolic Resin Countertop and What You Should Know about It

by July 6, 2019

You use phenolic resin countertop for laboratory workplace and table. Phenolic is specific material that produced to cover the countertop. People use it mostly for laboratory, experiment area, indoor examination, or testing subject location. To know more about this material and functionality, read the following sections.

Laboratory countertop

Two common materials for laboratory countertop are epoxy and phenolic resin. Since long time ago, epoxy is the top choice due to durability and affordable price. However, this kind of resin is still lack of sustainability in extreme environment. To accomplish experiment in constant high temperature, laboratory needs new strong and solid resin for countertop. This is where phenolic resin countertop becomes the top choice. The base material is quite similar because phenolic still keeps almost 90% what epoxy has.

Contagious environment and high temperature experiment

Laboratory countertop has capability to withstand oil, liquid, chemical compound, even bacteria. Besides, it should be highly resistant to fungus and moist, especially when the temperature is at high level. Epoxy is enough for liquid and chemical compound, but the temperature is one critical issue. The material will deteriorate and contagious environment affects integrity. On the other side, phenolic is advanced and custom material with enhancement to withstand excess moisture, high temperature, and bacteria. You cannot afford to lose the experiment reliability because lack of suitable countertop. Keep in mind that contagious is related mostly to biological compound, such as bacteria, fungus, virus, etc. Without proper setting and desk, they are dangerous for researchers.

Cleaning, maintenance, and durability

Countertop and desk can withstand everything, but it’s still not enough. Phenolic has the same level in term of cleaning and maintenance. You can clean easily and get rid of any leftover from its surface. Moreover, the maintenance is simple and less cost, except you install it since the first place. Moreover, durability is why people rely on phenolic resin. It can resist spill, crack, and extreme pressure from the surface. You will not see any significant broke or scratch, even you may miss when cutting experiment subject.That’s good thing about phenolic resin sheet

Besides laboratory, this material is also common for kitchen table and countertop. In premium restaurant or hotel, phenolic resin will look elegant and functional. There is no longer issue when hot oil is spilled. The countertop still looks good and easy to get rid of any stains. This is the next functionality for phenolic resin countertop.

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