How to Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet Single Handle to Replace the O-Rings

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how to remove Moen kitchen faucet single handle

If you want to replace the O-Rings, you might be asking on how to remove Moen kitchen faucet single handle. It’s pretty easy, as it doesn’t require any work under the sink, although you shouldn’t forget to turn off the water supply lines. To start, you might need 7/64” hex wrench and plumber’s tape to seal off any leak that might occur when you are removing the faucet.

Depending on what kind of single handle Moen faucet you have, there might be several differences between each product. Thus it’s recommended to browse and locate your model in Moen’s website to be able to see the parts breakdown. But to generalize, most models have a screw under the handle cap or behind the blue/red plug button.

How to replace the O-Rings?

Remove the plug button or handle cap, then use the hex wrench to remove the screw for the handle. This is where the parts breakdown comes to mind because each handle kit construction can be different. Moen faucet handles may also differ in the removal process. Some have a screw within the handle’s backside. You can remove it by using a 3/32” hex wrench. Then you can begin unscrewing the spout collar counterclockwise.

Once your handle mechanism is removed, rotate the spout while pulling it gently upwards until it comes off. Now the O-rings should be visible. Remove the attached O-rings from the valve body while keeping notes on where they are located. Clean with a mild acidity solution made from 50/50 solution of vinegar and water.

Before proceeding with the finishing steps on how to remove Moen kitchen faucet single handle, there are several notes you should take. In this step, you can check the O-ring quality to determine whether to replace it or not. If it’s still flexible and rubbery, you can still use the O-ring. But if it’s stiff, cut, or even breaks, you need to replace it immediately. While replacing the O-ring, you can apply your plumber’s tape if you see any possible leak spots or places where your spout doesn’t seal off properly.

You can lubricate your old O-rings or their replacement with silicon-based grease, rather than plumber’s grade faucet grease or any that contains petroleum. Install your new O-rings and lubricate the inside of spout hub and outside of the valve body. Thus, you’ve finished steps on how to remove Moen kitchen faucet single handle and replacing your O-rings

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