Delta Mandara Faucet, the New Eco-Friendly Faucet of the Future

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Delta Mandara faucet

Delta Mandara faucet is a faucet made with convenience and Eco-friendliness in mind. They always keep in mind how water keeps becoming increasingly scarce. With the critical contribution of water in each and every household, Delta pushes the limits of technology to innovate homes in the world to help contribute towards water saving. Supported by their green manufacturing process, they keep true to their environmentally responsible goals.

About Delta Mandara Faucet

Delta Mandara faucet is a simple, 3 whole 6-16 inches installation faucet that emphasizes the art deco glamour with a simple everyday feel. The clean details fit any contemporary or modern bathroom, but can also blend in more elaborate designs. Although you might overlook this faucet as just like any other in the market, you are never more wrong. Delta made this faucet without any complicated technology, yet it can save up to 20% more water than any other faucets.

As the biggest partner of WaterSense, a partnership program made by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Delta aims to protect the water supply for the next generations. Without resorting to overly complicated technology, Delta manages to provide people with easily recognized and usable water saving products. Since 2012, every new design of Delta Faucet lavatory faucet is in compliant or exceeds EPA standards within the guidelines of the WaterSense program. That’s why they’ve won the almost all Sustained Excellence awards until 2017.

What makes the Mandara faucet so great is that it meets so much certification within its price range. Meeting the standards of Americans with Disabilities Act makes sure that this faucet is easily used by all people. The Brilliance certified finish also makes sure this faucet can stand through the test of time and endurance. All the chrome and brass faucets out there claiming top notch endurance, yet still don’t want to guarantee it for long. It’s because they know that sooner or later it will rust or discolor and a single scratch can ruin the finish. The Brilliance certification makes sure all the Mandara faucets’ finish never fade and discolor. Adding the rust and scratch resistance make Delta Faucets confident to give a lifetime limited guarantee for your faucet.

If you need any help with your Delta faucets or showers, you can always install their app straight from your preferred app store. With the applications, you browse through the catalog and literature all within the convenience of your phone. You can download all the newest up-to-date Delta Mandara faucet information so you can know what updates Delta Faucets will do in the future.

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