Vintage Linoleum Floors, the Nice Floor Cover to Use

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Vintage linoleum floors

Vintage linoleum floors used to be everywhere. Nowadays, those kinds of flooring only limited in theatre, opera or old constructions alike. In this article, we will talk and begin the discussion with a bit of history.  Well, the linoleum floor was first introduced around the 19th century by the British navy to protect the ship’s wooden deck. The person responsible for the creation was Sir Frederick Walton, a British inventor, and manufacturer. Frederick’s role in the creation of the flooring will play a huge part in the item’s progress. Aside from linoleum, Walton’s also further developed his creation into a wall covering, the Lincrusta.

About Linoleum Floors

Frederick Walton was born on March 13th, 1834 to a wealthy family that owns a business in wire card-making. In around 1850’s he spent much of his time experimenting on finding ways to keep the business going. In 1857, his experiment fruited as he finds a way to solidify a linseed oil. The oil, later on, will lead to his known invention. Unfortunately, around the same year, disagreement between him and his father struck their relationship resulting Walton’s expulsion from the company. He, later on, moves to Hammersmith where he continued to further developed his work and established his own company in 1860.

Now, let’s talk about the benefit of linoleum floor. Usually this floor guaranteed for decades. In addition, this is easy to cut and paired. The price is also fairly cheap. Well, it can streamline your money. Moreover, the floor has an excess in water resistance and easy to produce. There are many motifs of retro linoleum flooring, so you just find one that matches your preference. The vintage style of linoleum floor is produced until today. Aside from the durability the commodity, the desired vintage linoleum floors rely on the color pattern it printed on. Therefore, the demand for its production is getting higher over time.

For your information, linoleum floor can look like stone floors, hardwood floors, or both. In addition, the floor is very comfortable to play, so do not worry if there are children who play on it. It is advisable to use an adhesive when installing it. The goal is to make sure it is not easy to loose and smooth. For disadvantage, it cannot be used for the bathroom floor. Furthermore, it can cause warping. As another weakness, vintage linoleum floors is easy to dent and easily stabbed by sharp item.

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