Knowing Bathtub Faucet Filter Benefit and Its Importance

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bathtub faucet filter

Bathing might do all the personal hygiene, so applying a bathtub faucet filter is recommended for extra clean up. For your information, the tap water carries bacteria and chemicals. In this case, chlorine is a disinfectant that’s used to neutralize any organism from water. Long term exposure to this chemical can cause harm and health problems. Studies have shown that chlorine may inflict cancer, stomach, bladder, and liver. The chemical was also responsible for the disappearance of natural oil that protects skins and hair. That’s why you need faucet filter. Here the deeper explanation about the item.


A bathtub faucet filter is a little item that’s plugged on the mouth of the tap and utilized for purifying the water from chlorine. The object has a tube-like shape and contained carbon fibers as well as pebbles inside it. The bathtub filter has a similarity to the shower filter. The difference between those filters lies in its positioning. The shower filter is positioned at the mouth of shower.


The filtering process works in a very simple way. The water stream through the carbon fiber and pebbles then it got purified from harmful chemical. Once purified, the faucet at the tip converts the water stream into small droplets. This mechanism has functioned to decrease water splashing, energy saving, regulate the water pressure and hush the streaming sound.

Availability and example

Moreover, bathtub filter can be purchased from a hardware store or via online shop. The prices of product vary, and it was distinguished by how well the filter works. Before you buy the item, it’s best to set precaution first. The first one is to check on its price. It is important to find a filter that suits its function and your wallet. Second, check its longevity. This is done to predict when you will need a replacement. Third, read the review of product. It’s a validation if the filter works as it is said on the cover.

Well, the examples of the item that qualify the criteria above are Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter and Sprite Bath Ball filter. The two products were charged with low prices and capable of not only removing chlorine, but can also purify other chemicals and bacteria. They also have long longevity, ranging from 6 months to 18 months and easy to install. Furthermore, there are also testimonies that verify the bathtub faucet filter fine claim.

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