Basement Smells like Sewage – Detecting the Cause of Sewer Odor in Your Basement

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Basement Smells Like Sewage

If your basement smells like sewage, you might want to take a look at this article. There are several prominent causes for it, from a bad drain trap, broken seal on the ejector pit, bad ventilation, or even as worst as the damaged sewer line. It is hard to determine the source at first due to the causes that are often happening underground. That’s why when you start to smell sewage in basement, take a look at these probable causes.

Why my Basement Smells like Sewage

Floor drains are the most common culprit in this list. Drains often cause the basement smells like sewage when it is rarely used. What makes drain gives out sewage smells is mainly due to the trap seal not being able to keep in the sewage gasses. The trap works by sealing sewer gasses with a small amount of water. If used to drain water often, that water sealing will last for a long time. But, long term drying may cause that water seal to dry up and let the gasses inside.

So now, this common problem requires a common solution. By dumping clean water into the drain, you can raise the seal water level and resealing the pipe. Then, you should add a few tablespoons of cooking oil into the drain to keep the water from evaporating so fast. If pouring water doesn’t fix it, it might be a problem with the cleanout plug that needs replacing. This is usually prominent if your basement smells like sewer when it rains or a large volume of water is entering the drain.

Ejector pit is commonly used if you have an overhead sewer line in your home. Ejector pit is located within a sealed and properly vented cover. Missing that cover lid, broken seal, or clogged ventilation will almost immediately fill your basement with sewer gas. Fixing it just requires you to check on the seal condition and the waste and vent pipes.

Then, it might be outside causes rather than your plumbing. Ventilation is the first problem, which can be fixed by creating ventilation in your basement or removing the obstruction from it. Then it can be as severe as a broken sewage line. Even though it might seem far-fetched, sewer line that broke close to your home can leak a lot of sewage water into the ground. Then the smell would lead to your basement or even the household. If your basement smells like sewage due to this, leave it to professionals to handle.

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