Zform Concrete Countertops – Your Own DIY Countertop Made with Zform Products

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Zform concrete countertops

Zform concrete countertops are the best for you who wanted to make your own countertops. Zform’s epoxy and their high-quality Liqui-Crete will allow you to make the highest quality concrete countertop easily that will last for a very long time. Accompanied with their countertop forms, stains, and polishes you can make your own unique countertop with all the required materials easily ordered with one click.

We can’t talk about concrete countertops without telling you about the Zform Z Liqui-Crete. Containing a blend of finely produced acrylic fibers and additives which are specially formulated, Z Liqui-crete will create a high strength yet highly flowable concrete mix. For 60 pounds of concrete-sand mix, you can use 6 boxes of Z Liqui-crete to create a 23.4 square feet of standard form countertops. Z Liqui-crete is great when combined with Quikrete sand/topping or Sakrete sand mix. Z Liqui-crete is able to be used with fiberglass mesh grid that’s also provided by Zform and also compatible to be used with Z counterforms. But, you can’t use it with Z counterform’s Euroform.

Zform Concrete Countertops

Zform concrete countertops aren’t complete without their countertop form. With Z counterform, you can mold your concrete mix easily without having to make a new form. You can simply place the half inch backer board on the top of cabinets then fasten the Z counterform onto the edges and wall. But wait, there’s more! With their wide arrays of countertop forms, you can choose the edge design that really suits your design idea. Now is just pouring the concrete then smooth it and wait for it to cure. After it has cured, simply snap off the Z counterform for a smooth, beautiful edge on your countertop.

Then you may want to start looking for the epoxy. And again, Zform has it covered for you. Their Ultra Z poxy epoxy is the most flexibly used epoxy with the clearest and strongest form in the market. With Ultra Z poxy epoxy, you can add any substrate whether it’s concrete, laminate, stone, wood and many others. You can also add solid color pigments made by Zform to customize the color to your taste. Zform also made the unique metallic powders, which give your countertop that shiny look no other countertops can copy. But remember that you can’t use it for outdoor countertops, as the Ultra Z poxy will darken the concrete if it’s just used as a clear coating. Then, you can finish with Zform polishes and your DIY Zform concrete countertops will be finished.

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