Best Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sink that You Can Do on Your Own

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Best Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sink

Dirty dishes are the problem, and you need the best drain cleaner for kitchen sink. Ton of cleaners are available with various brands. Basically, they have one purpose, but it can be expanded to similar area. Kitchen sink is easily to be clogged with junk, excess stains, even your own foods. To clean, few simple compounds will do the trick before relying on products from the store.

Boiling water

Boiling water has been prominent way to get rid of anything. Of course, you should clean every dirty that can be removed firstly. After that, pour the boiling water slowly. Extreme heat will dissolve any stains and the water absorbs them immediately. Rub the kitchen sink carefully and let the dirt to be in water. When temperature is low, you can get rid of water then refill it again with the new one.

Salt and warm water

Boiling water may be not enough and you need additional compound to dissolve the dirt quickly. For such purpose, the salt and warm water are perfect match. You can do two ways that bring the same result. Firstly, pour the boiling water then add salt. Secondly, you can mix both before pouring. Rub again carefully until all dirt is removed. This is one of the top ways as the best drain cleaner for kitchen sink.

Soap and baking soda

Baking soda and soap are the most popular way to clean kitchen sink. You can mix warm water and baking soda or soap. Pour them into kitchen sink and rub the entire surface. The process takes time, but it is more reliable than previous method. Before applying this method, make sure to get rid of dirt with warm water first. You surely do not want the waste of soap or baking soda is still in sink, right?

For faster cleaning, you can use several products at store. Most of them are quite similar because the main purpose is to dissolve the clogged dirt on sink and counter. Actually, they use high compound of alkali and soap. Before buying this one, check the compound and liquid level. They are also part of the best drain cleaner for toilet.

Moreover, the preventive measure is another way to make the cleaning easier. You can put any leftover in trash bin before adding to the sink. It helps to prevent clogged stains that come from foods. Besides, it is better to separate sink for cleaning dishes and washing vegetables. Some counters can be removed separately and you just cleaning with the best drain cleaner for kitchen sink then put it back again.

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