Unistrut Shelving for a Weld and Drill Free Metal Shelving

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Unistrut shelving

Unistrut shelving is made from Unistrut’s innovative metal framing system. With their wide arrays of channels and fittings, complete with their own lines of hangers, concrete inserts, pipe clamps, and accessories. Also, their frames come in with many finishes so you won’t run out of option for your shelving needs. These claims are backed by numerous networks of engineers and distribution centers, making Unistrut the main market leaders for metal framing.

Unistrut Shelving

Originally, Unistrut didn’t make shelving specifically. But, many DIY enthusiasts out there manage to grasp the potential of Unistrut metal framing system for easily making shelves. It’s as strong as any welded frames, yet can be easily taken apart with a few tools. The almost weld-like strength is thanks to the Unistrut nut, one of the innovations created by Unistrut accompanying the metal framing system. This nut is special because of its ability to be installed with normal pressure but having the strength of a machine installed nut. It’s strong because of the mechanism of this nut that locks itself securely to the Unistrut metal channel, creating an almost weld like strength without welding.

Drilling is a big part of shelving, but not with Unistrut shelving. Their metal frames have a wide array of channel options; each was made to comply with almost unlimited specifications. Their slots and attachment points were manufactured to universally fit the Unistrut nut. Therefore, each of the channels can be fitted with any of Unistrut’s metal frames.

The major win factor from traditional metal shelving is that the frames reusable and highly adjustable. Say that you’ve made your Unistrut metal shelving in your garage then you decide to move. Traditional shelving which is welded and drilled on the walls is a pain to disassemble. Then, you see that the welded frames are permanent, therefore you need to find a garage with the same dimensions for you to reassemble the frames properly. With Unistrut frames, you can disassemble it with only simple tools. Once disassembled, you can reuse the frames in new rooms with any dimensions. With its almost infinite configurations, your frames can be customized easily to fit your new room.

Unistrut is very prominent within the metal framing industry, from framing solar panels, industrial pipelines, warehouse shelving, and even making seismic bracing. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about their metal quality as they’ve made it fit the specifications required for those industries. Therefore, your Unistrut shelving should be strong enough to support anything you want to store.

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