Trimline Canopy with High Quality Material and Top Features

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Trimline canopy

Trimline canopy provides everything you need for the tent and booth. You may participate in art project and fair. Your job is to ensure the booth to look elegant and reliable enough during the fair. That’s where you need more than simple tent and booth. Trimline has several products to fulfill your needs. The features, material, and quality are the top grades. More about them are explored at the following sections.

Weather proof

One of most important Trimline canopy parts is weather proof. Manufacturer specifically designs this tent to withstand any weather situation. At the roof, it has cover that withstands heavy rain and snow. If you are in cold season, there is no reason to feel uncomfortable about such weather. In addition, the tent and booth are ready for outdoor activity where you will face several difficulties in term of weather.

Lighting fixture

How do you install lighting fixture inside the tent? Many people forget about this matter and install it without proper way. Usually, the tent will have two options: separated or integrated lighting fixtures. Trimline canopy is capable to integrate lighting inside the tent. You can adjust and add few settings to make sure everything is what you need.

Marine grade zipper and curtain

The tent consists of zip and curtain that entangle each other. The curtain is wall that creates the entire tent structure. Moreover, zipper is where you put two curtains together for closed mode. Manufacturer uses high-grade zipper for this product. Zipper is in the same quality as what marine utilities have. For example, people who take diving into ocean will use material specifically to protect from extreme pressure and water penetration. Such material is what you get in this tent. The curtain is strong and cannot be penetrated easily. This is also the reason why the tent can withstand extreme weather.

Solid anchor and stands

The next important things are anchors and stands. High-grade material is useless without strong anchors. The company makes sure the tent is strong enough to stands in any ground. Of course, you should check the manual book before installation. With proper equipment, the tent will give reliable space for any project.

Those features are the basic things you get from Trimline. The canopy itself has various designs and sizes. You can choose the small, medium, and big capacity depending on your purpose. Besides, the price is varied and affordable. That’s what you should know about Trimline canopy.


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