Sobel Westex Pillow Options for the Most Comfortable and Luxurious Hotel Pillows

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Sobel Westex pillow

Sobel Westex pillow is the best options if you’re looking for 5-star quality comfort for your hotel. Many of the world’s top hotels and resorts are using pillows by Sobel Westex. Made with only the highest quality of materials, the resulting pillows are the softest and dreamiest product ever. Accompanied by Sobel Westex’s brilliant design, the pillows support the head and neck at just the right spot for a restful sleep. With these included options, you can choose the right one that fits your criteria or establishment’s standards. Here, the displayed options are based on the bestselling lineups Sobel Westex has.

Sahara Nights

Sobel Westex pillow Sahara Nights are the most sought after lineup. It has amazing quality for its value. With Sobel Westex’s hypoallergenic gel fiber fill and 100% woven cotton ticking, it’s the most comfortable lineup currently offered. The gels are extra fine and incredibly small, so it can really get to all the tight curves on the person’s head and neck. Quilted threads with 233 of total thread count; it’s a premium quality product that’s also very durable. The Sahara Nights also come in with firm versions, perfect for side sleepers that love pillow supports. If you prefer the firmer microfiber version, the Sahara Nights 2 is a great option for you.

Bellazure Duo

As the most popular lineup of Sobel Westex luxury pillow, the price tag is justified with its incredible craftsmanship and comfort. This resort quality pillow has an all crafted feather filling encased in a 300 thread weave with double stitched edge and cotton ticking that’s down-proof. Maintaining the softness and keeping support and shape is the bane of many feather pillows. Don’t worry as Sobel Westex manages to design this down filled pillow to maintain its shape and thus supporting the user’s neck in a comfortable resting position.


As the second most sought after lineup, Sobella is a lofty side sleeper pillow perfect for supporting any side sleeper. Inside is polyester fill that’s hypoallergenic encased in a 300 thread count and 100% authentic cotton. Along with luxurious comfort, this pillow can support even the most active side sleepers with its neutral geometric design. If you are looking for the gel-filled version of this Sobella, you can get the Supremo lineup. Encased in 100% dobby cotton with 300 thread count, you will get an elegant and durable pillow. Along with the cambric weave pattern, no wonder that it’s considered the “Disney Premium” in Sobel Westex pillow lineup.

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