Large Area Rugs

Large Area Rugs and Related Things You Should Notice

by June 13, 2019

You need the large area rugs to cover the entire floor, of course with enough space at the edge to walk. This kind of rug is mostly in the area where kids play most of the time. It is also suitable for decoration with fancy pattern. Furthermore, the rugs can also protect your feet from harsh floor surface. Few things about this product will be explored in the following list.


Having large area rugs means you put the rug with large size. How large is this rug? In general, there is no definitive size, and it is mostly 8×10 inch. This is a common size that’s considered as large rug. Some people have less or more than that number, but it is still considered as the large size. You can add the size between 7 and 10 inch, even up to 12 inch. Of course, it depends solely on the room size.

Design and material

The next thing is about design that becomes the main part of decoration and functionality. As we know, rug has function to make sure the floor does not hurt your feet when stepping on it. Besides, you utilize rug to soften the floor contour and protect it from slippery. To fulfill such purpose, the material should be soft and solid with subtle contour. You can have rug with flat surface or softer texture, but still solid enough to protect your feet. Both are very reliable for the room, especially kid’s room.

For the design, extra-large area rug can have many variations depending on where you will install it. The simple design with plain and neutral color is favorable. Grey and dark colors are good options for modern and minimalist style. Unfortunately, white is completely out of option if you want to put large rugs. Well, white is sensitive to other color, although it looks elegant. Moreover, the rug will get dirty easily.

Installation and maintenance

Another important thing is the way you put and install this rug in the room. Due to large surface, you will cover much space. However, it is better to keep the rug at center with enough space uncovered. The rug should not touch the wall, and you can use the edge area to adjust.

Before buying the rugs, make sure to check the size. It is the first step before looking for reliable design. Do not forget to check the room space as well. You surely don’t want the large area rugs to be more than the room itself, right?

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