Self Watering African Violet Pots and Tips to Use Them

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self watering African violet pots

You can use self watering African violet pots to make everything is ready properly. This kind of pot has watering system to ensure your plants receive enough water for days. In that case, the water is stored in outer layer and at the bottom of basket. When the flower requires water, it will fill where roots grow automatically.

Before choosing suitable pot for African violet, you need to know about this plant and how much water that should be available. As flower, it can bloom for year as long as there is enough nutrition and water. Normally, people put it in garden. However, beautiful flower in pot for indoor is something that’s difficult to resist. That’s why self-watering system is the top choice for such purpose. Few criteria are explained at below section about choosing the right self watering African violet pots.

Watering system

Firstly, you should know watering system that pots have. How do you store water in pots without the plants absorb too much. In general, the pot will have two layers: inner and outer parts. Inner one is where you put soil, seed, and fertilizer. This is real pot as what you see in garden. This pot has holes to keep the water flow, and the soil is not too much moist. To hold and gather that water, you need extra basket as outer layer. Unfortunately, adding double pot with different size does not work that way. Therefore, self-watering pot will integrate outer to inner to balance the water level. The key is leveling and transferring water from both sides.

Design and refill

Each manufacturer has various designs, but they are mostly similar. You can have the same design as regular pots with additional watering system. Such pot has refill to keep the water from depleted completely. Normally, the water will stay for days, even 10 days refill cycle.

Where do you obtain this pot?

Today, you can find self-watering pots in many shops and stores. Go to nearby stores then pick the pots you need. Check material quality and durability to ensure the product can last longer. As alternative, you can order via online marketplace and check the review before purchasing. Sometimes, there are self-watering African violet pots for sale with cheap price.

Using self-watering pots does not mean to reduce your concern about the plant itself. You can put the pot for indoor and still need proper treatment. Flower requires proper fertilizer, disinfectant, regular maintenance, and protect from extreme weather. That’s the next thing you should do after choosing self watering African violet pots.

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