Quartzlock Grout as the Ready-to-Use Grout for Tiles

by June 12, 2019

Quartzlock grout is the product you are looking for when you want to install new tiles on the floor or on the wall. It is mandatory for anyone installing tiles to use grout. Grout is used as joint to hold together tile pieces. Without grout, there will be visible gaps between each tile. The floors or walls covered by the tiles will not get too sturdy without the grout, too. So, why choose the grout from Quartzlock? Here’s the explanation about the product.

What is This Product?

Quartzlock grout is a product of pre-mixed grout. This product is a very beneficial to use during tile installation. Because it is pre-mixed, the grout can be used immediately. The quartz-based grout is also already colored and suitable to be used as joint for natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles. The grout from Quartzlock does not need any sealing and very durable. It is resistant to chemical products and stains.

What are the Features of the Products

There are many features of the pre-mixed grout product from Quartzlock. However, two features stands out compared to the others. First, this product is specially made to be very durable when it comes to color. The colors of the grout won’t fade at all. The colors also won’t streak or shade, even when the tiles are completely wet. Second, the grout is completed by no-sealing feature. This feature allows you to install the grout easily. There is no need to add extra sealing at all.

What are the Benefits of the Products?

Many people come to Quartzlock grout dealers because they know there are many benefits of using the product. Among the benefits are smaller health risks. The grout is made from BPA (bisphenol-A), a harsh chemical that may cause cancer. The grout is also using dust-free mixing, hence reducing the possibility of allergic reaction caused by dust. This is why people love using Quartzlock instead of other grout products.

Considering that grout is an essential part of installing tiles, make sure you choose only the best brand of grout to use. There is no doubt that Quartzlock has the best quality of ready-to-use grout that are easy to apply and available in many different shades. The grout is also highly flexible and resistant to crack. This is basically the reason why you need to choose Quartzlock grout instead of other brand.

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