Leather Ottoman

Leather Ottoman with High-Grade Material and Elegant Design

by June 11, 2019

Single furniture for many purposes becomes trend in contemporary decoration; the example of such product is multifunction leather ottoman. The product uses leather stitched on the entire area from the top to below sides. The leather creates aesthetic aspect with protection side. Several designs are available to adjust into your living room.

Normal square ottoman

What is ottoman furniture? You may have sofas, and one of extended parts is the separated stool-like seating with flat surface. In simple term, it is furniture where you can sit and put anything. People use it as seating area or coffee table depending on what they need. In that case, leather ottoman is mostly for living room. The basic design is box style with soft padding. The surface is solid but flat enough to hold the plate and cup. That’s why you can put serving as table in this furniture. The entire section is covered with the same texture. Besides seating and table, this furniture is very reliable as storage to hide utensils or tools after the serving is done.

Long bench

Long bench style is ottoman with longer seating top. Usually, single ottoman is for one person. However, this kind of ottoman is different since the design is longer and provides more space for storage. Unfortunately, the design is not reliable for table. You can keep the things under this ottoman, but not for serving table. In addition, more people can enjoy sitting together freely. Without armrest and backs, you can sit in many positions easily.

Four ottomans style

One ottoman with large top looks unreliable for seating. However, you need to see under this furniture. Your seating place is attached at below section with four small ottomans. The big one is for table, and you can sit around in small ones. After serving is done, fold and attach it again to the below section. This is practical furniture where you need a fancy but functional seating place in living room.

Customized product

Besides regular and popular design, many customers decide to order the customized ottoman. Usually, the entire part is covered and no space at below ottoman top. Designer can modify it with stool style and drawer to replace leather ottoman storage part.

From the explanation above, you know why this furniture is your top choice. The product is more than for seating and serving. It keeps space in living room without much furniture. You can replace cabinet or nightstand with it because there is storage under the leather ottoman.

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