Paint a Linoleum Floor

Paint a Linoleum Floor to Resemble Wood: the Materials and Steps Explained

by June 10, 2019

Knowing how to paint a linoleum floor is a great asset for any homeowner who installs this type of flooring at their house. Although this flooring is not popular as it used to, some people still maintain their linoleum flooring for several reasons. It is made of natural and degradable materials so linoleum is safe to use at home and friendly to the environment. Moreover, the flooring is capable to stay intact for a long time with minimum maintenance.

Since linoleum tends to have limited style options, learning how to paint a linoleum floor will help you modifying any room within the house into something spectacular. Homeowner gets more freedom when choosing certain flooring pattern that they wish to have. There are people who consider getting rid of their old linoleum floor, but this work really proves that you can get something new from the old thing. Here are several items that you need to prepare in order to do painting work for your linoleum flooring.

  • Sanding paper, approximately 120 grits
  • Orbital or circular sanding machine
  • Deglossing agent
  • Used mop (it will be used to swipe the debris, so you should utilize one that will no longer be used anymore)
  • Tape for painting purpose
  • Sealing liquid
  • Paint roller and sprayer
  • Oil based paint for floor

Homeowner who wants to have natural looking house may want learning how to paint linoleum floor to look like wood. There are various wood floor patterns that you can copy when painting the linoleum. The simplest pattern is definitely the straight parallel pattern. Homeowner can also copy parquet design for their linoleum floor. More complicated pattern like Herringbone can be imitated as well. When painting the floor to resemble wood, homeowner must be mindful of tone variations in its color to look natural.

The initial step to build paint your linoleum flooring is sanding. It is done to open up its surface for more layers in the future. After that the debris must be totally cleaned up for deglossing. This step is done to clean up the sheen on floor surface so that the oil based paint can adhere better. After the liquid has dried, you can finally paint your house in the planned pattern.

In this house, you can see that homeowner creates a paper template that is laid down on the floor. Homeowner the spray the pain and you can see that desired geometric and a little floral pattern on the linoleum floor. It is utilized as kitchen space. Hopefully this information will aid homeowner to paint a linoleum floor.

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