Moen Darcy Faucet

Moen Darcy Faucet Models for Your Bathroom

by May 24, 2019

As a company that specialized in faucet, Moen is a very well-known for its Moen Darcy faucet models. It is because most of faucets from Moen are equipped with unique benefits for users or the environment. Those benefits give a huge boost for Moen’s market product. Now, you will get the information of recommended Darcy faucet models that fit perfectly for your bathroom.

Moen Darcy Anti-Spot High Arch Faucet

This model from Moen is the most balanced and basic, but offers elegant style for you who like simplicity for faucet. This product has two handles for adjusting water with less effort, and you can install it around 10 to 12 inches to custom the water stream. Moreover, this model is covered with brushed nickel, which means it fingerprints-resist, perfect for those who love cleaner faucet. However, this Darcy model has limited warranty, which is a decline aspect for people who are rough with the faucet. Therefore, make sure you are careful with this model.

Moen Darcy Chrome Two Handles Faucet

Well, it is another Moen Darcy faucet model you can try. This one is covered with chrome instead of brushed nickel like the previous mode. The advantages of having chrome finish is the faucet will extremely reflective that can be combined with any bathroom model. Again, it uses two handles faucet to reduce the effort of adjusting water stream. Another advantage of Chrome model is that American Disabilities Act (ADA) acknowledges this faucet to be disable-friendly. That’s why it is perfect for home with disabled person.

Moen Darcy WS84551SRN Faucet

This series of Darcy faucet is the latest faucet released by Moen. This one is made of high-quality metal with premier finish that’s corrosion-resist. As the latest faucet, this model is Eco-performance. It means it has the ability to reduce the use of water stream for 30%. The product has 5 years warranty directly from Moen. However, you can get Moen Darcy Faucet Installation warranty for another installation if you are afraid of voiding the regular warranty.

So, those are the best Darcy faucet models from Moen for your bathroom. Moen might offer a lot of models, but if you are looking for the best faucet, it is recommended for you to try those three products as they get a lot of positive reviews from buyers. Well, just use the recommended Moen Darcy Faucet above as your references.

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