Cuisinart Induction Cooktop: the Review of Practical and Popular ICT-60

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Cuisinart induction cooktop

If you want to invest in an induction cooktop, the most recommended one is ICT-60 Cuisinart induction cooktop. Induction cooktops are a great replacement to traditional gas or electric powered stoves. They give you portability, great cooking power and use very little electricity. The new generation of induction cooktops is especially economical and rivals any traditional stoves in terms of cooking power. The ICT-60 is one of the best among many induction cooktops today. Here are the reasons why.

The Cuisinart induction cooktop is well known for the elegance and modern look and the ICT-60 takes it to a more practical route. Its simple layout and portability give you great practicality. You will be able to use it anywhere as long as you have a sufficient power source. With great safety measures included, you don’t have to worry about cooking in tight spaces. Measures such as the 30 seconds auto shut off when incompatible cookware is detected or no cookware are placed on it. The unit also shuts down after it overheats, so you don’t have to sweat about forgetting to turn it off.

Designed for amateur chefs and professional alike, the ICT-60 is a versatile induction cooker that can be used for many occasions. Pretty much like an upgrade to the Cuisinart ICT-30, it takes the practicality while adding more features into the product. Now with dual burners, the left can reach up to 1200 watts and the right can reach up to 600 watts, more than enough power to cook multiple meals at the same time. The easy to use display panels are just a relief for beginner cooks and still on par with professional standards. You can also set the timer with a maximum time of 150 minutes, with a maximum usage time of 180 minutes.

However, the ICT-60 has several minor drawbacks comparing to its competitors. With a maximum power of 1200 watts, it isn’t able to cook very hot meals. Plus, there is no lock on the setting to prevent it from changing. The 180 minutes auto shutoff can become annoying because while cooking, it only turns off automatically when it reaches 180 minutes. So if you set the timer at 45 minutes, it will only give you a reminder instead of turning the burner off. Then the LED display that only shows power level, compared to some that can even show the wattage and time. So, the ICT-60 Cuisinart induction cooktop may lean more towards practical chefs instead, but still usable for professionals.

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