Costco potting soil

Costco Potting Soil: How to Choose the Right One at Store

by May 22, 2019

You may have pot at home and need Costco potting soil for better growth in your plant. At Costco, you can find several products as potting soil. Which one is better? It depends on what kind of soil, plant, and container you have. This product is specifically soil or mix to grow plant faster than normal one. You need to know more before buying and apply it to your garden.

Product ingredients and weight

Potting soil looks like fertilizer but it is different because it consists of several mixtures. Fertilizer is one of them as the key ingredient. At store, some people may have opinion that potting soil and mix are two different products. Regardless the name, you only focus to ingredients because that’s what important at all. With many products as options, you just read the ingredients carefully. Manufacturers put the list of what inside potting soil. You can have products with excess fertilizer and additional crystal. That’s for specific plant where soil has to adjust with what nutrient plant requires. More soil means heavier than less soil inside potting mix. Each has pros and cons whether you need to rely on heavy potting soil or not, as long as the product will support your plant growth.

Benefits of potting soil

Why do you need Costco potting soil? People in urban area have limited space. They have passion to do gardening, but no space for plant. As alternative, pot or container is the best option to grow plant. You will have fresh fruits or flower with beautiful color. Unfortunately, natural soil around city is not appropriate for gardening using pot. This is where you rely on potting soil. Keep in mind that this product is not completely artificial because you also find potting mix for organic plant. The benefit is you get everything in single bag for whatever plant needs. There is no need to add more fertilizer. On the other side, potting soil is relatively safe from fungi, bacteria, pest, and disease.


At Costco, the products are not from single supplier. Various brands are available and you can purchase in certain weight. Good product will have many buyers that come again after the first purchase. For beginner, you can look for the most popular one since the quality is already measured.

Well, make sure to pick the right pot and plant before putting this soil. Read the instruction and plant maintenance. You need to check the water level as well when using Costco potting soil.

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