Citrus trees in pots

Citrus Trees in Pots and Things You Need to Grow Them Properly

by May 17, 2019

Citrus trees in pots become popular because everyone can plant them at home; even you do not much space. You will like fresh citrus from your own garden. In order to plant citrus tree, few things are important to know and prepare properly. Follow below guides to ensure you do the right planting from beginning until the ripen fruit is at your hand.


Right citrus you want to plant

Which citrus do you want to grow in pots? There are several options, such as lime, Mandarine, orange, and kumquat. Each of them has pros and cons, but you can grow all of them together in one place. Instead of choosing one citrus species, you can get the benefit from having different kind of fruits. Small fruits such kumquat does not need bigger pot since the tree is shorter. You do not need much time waiting until it is ready. On the other side, big fruits take time and require intensive maintenance.


Pots, soils, and fertilizer

First thing you need when growing lemons tree in pots is containers or pots. Small tree needs small pots, and you should prepare large container if intend to plant bigger one. Due to limited space, keep the size as efficient as possible. Even though every fruit and plant has different soil needs, most of them are relatively similar. Citrus is sensitive to alkali, so you should not use fertilizer with much alkali. Well, soil, pots, and fertilizer relate to how many tree in one pots. Normally, one tree is for one pot, but you may find long container for several citrus plants. In that case, add more fertilizer and soil, but in balance proportion.


Maintenance and pest

Next important thing about citrus trees in pots is how to maintenance and protect them from pest. The plant has capability to adjust with surrounding and environment. Big tree in small pot will grows small. Root, stem, leaves, and fruits show significant difference between tree in the field and pots. Maintaining citrus is simple, and you just add water regularly. Keep the soil in mid humid level. For pest, natural control method is the best option because the pots are relative easily to protect.

If you choose kumquat, the ripen fruits are ready in short time. One idea that you should follow is to make sure the fruits stay in tree. You only take when the fruits are completely ripe. This is the main purpose why you plant those fruits at first place. You will enjoy fresh one from citrus trees in pots.


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