Why You Should Always Adjust Mirrors After Adjusting Your Seat?

by May 15, 2019

Whether you are new or experienced, you should always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat. Visibility is a critical factor when you are driving. Achieving 100 percent visibility on every angle is not possible. However, you can maximize your visibility by adjusting the seating position, posture, and especially your mirrors. They serve as the eyes that look backward for you, allowing you to see incoming drivers and see where your car is going while reversing. However, you often can only see a few parts of the road at the time because of limited mirror surfaces.

To counter this, you have to be seated properly, so your head can sit comfortably and the mirrors in full view. You can adjust the seat position and incline to fit you most comfortable, but as you are adjusting you should also set your mirrors. You can start by taking a glance at the mirrors. If it takes too much effort to be able to see, you should immediately adjust the mirrors.

Glancing between the mirrors can create a phenomenon called “blind period”, which is when your eyes temporarily blinded while moving and trying to focus on other things. You can minimize this by doing this while making mirrors and car seat adjustments. Your head should be upright and your eyes should be able to see each mirror without turning your head much. You also need to be leaning on your seat, to give leniency if you’re at a relaxed position when needing to glance at the mirrors.

If you need to always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat, you should also position yourself to adjust the mirrors easily. In many cars nowadays, side mirrors can be adjusted electronically via a control button in the driver’s side. Therefore, you can make adjustments easily even while moving. Although it isn’t recommended since you might have to take your eyes off the road. The rear view mirror needs to also be at a hand’s reach, without the need for your body to move or turn. Remember, that adjusting mirrors need to be done while stationary since it’s dangerous to take your eyes off the road

Without any adjustments, you risk accidents that can be easily prevented. Therefore, if other people drive your car you always need to check the seat first. If it needs adjusting, then you must remember to always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat.

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