Afrocentric Shower Curtain as the Great Bathroom Decor with Strong Meanings

by May 14, 2019

Nothing describes the beauty of Black culture like Afrocentric shower curtain. The designs very much describe the charm and artistry of black culture. It is not easy to replicate the atmosphere and feeling that the art on the curtain makes. Thus, having it gives you a special window of black arts and culture.

But then, the culture itself may not be interesting to many. Well, there’s more than just Black culture represented within the art. There are so many messages of empowerment and natural beauty appreciation inside the art. What a better place to put beauty appreciation than in your bathroom, right? Rather than common contemporary or modern art adorning your shower curtain, the Afrocentric shower curtain is way better for your bathroom.

The Reasons to Apply African Home Decor

Some designers and home owners love apply African home decor because of the deep meaning. One of them is by applying an Afrocentric shower curtain. This shower curtain makes your bathroom looks out of the box and interesting to see. Moreover, the shower looks beautiful and eye-catching. The most important thing is that you can deliver the empowerment message to anyone who uses your bathroom. Afrocentric shower curtain is commonly used by artistic people who want to create something different than others. From the design of the shower curtain you can also represent the culture of African people, especially if you are amazed with the culture of the country. As a result, your shower curtain will have a meaningful description and it makes your bathroom special than any other bathrooms.

Afro Woman Shower Curtain Style You Can Choose 

Another great thing about applying afrocentric shower curtain is that you can choose some styles. All of the styles are unique and worth it to try. You just need to mix and match the style with the theme of your bathroom.

1. Afro Woman Fabric Shower Curtain

It is one of the popular options because of the variation of the materials. Commonly, this type of shower curtain is made of polyester, microfiber, or a cotton blend. Fabric shower curtain is a great option to apply afrocentric home decor in your bathroom because you can choose the best colors. The colors are bright and strong enough so you can see the afro woman image clearly. You can also mix and match the shower curtain with some of materials to create a more elegant style bathroom. For a low-cost and durable shower curtain, you can a apply afro shower curtain made from vinyl.

2. Afro Woman Solid or Print Shower Curtain

The main reason why you are applying an afrocentric shower curtain is to make the curtain as the focal point of the bathroom. As a result, anyone who enters the bathroom will see the image for the first time. Because of that, it is better to use a patterned design. It is okay to use a printing shower curtain but make sure that it is match with the interior of the bathroom.

3. Afro Woman Top Treatment Shower Curtain

The uniqueness of the top treatment shower curtain is the design. The design is made with button holes. Because of that, you need to add shower curtain rings to hang the curtain onto the shower rood. The rings look perfect with the afro woman theme and it strengthen the meaning you want to show to the users of the bathroom. It is also the best option for those who want to apply a low maintenance and easy to assemble shower curtain.
There are many arts from thousands of talented artists all around the globe. Each has their own unique styles that have different themes to cater to many audiences. It also comes in many forms. As an example, some accompany their shower curtain art with an Afrocentric shower mat. It’s a great way to create a strong theme with little media. With this combo, the art would be emphasized more. This will make your curtain-mat combo the main attracting decor and sets the whole theme of your bathroom.

Tips to Buy Black Afro Shower Curtain 

However, you could become confused about what to choose for your bathroom. No one can make the perfect art style or design. Yet, you need to have a perfect one to be incorporated with the rest of your bathroom design and decor. As previously mentioned, there are many artists thus many designs and styles to appease your tastes. You can find many emotional, empowering, and exotic arts, all deriving from the diverseness of Black culture. For the design, it’s just a matter of preference. Whether you’re into pop art, realism, contemporary, and many others, there’s a high chance you will discover your favorite Afrocentric here.

Since there are a variety of black afro shower curtains in the market, you need to learn how to buy the best black afro shower curtain. The first thing you need to consider before buying a shower curtain is the size. You may follow the standard size if you don’t customize the size. The standard shower curtain size is 72 inches x 72 inches. This size is from the floor length and covers the tub. This standard size is also designed to prevent water escape from the bathroom or shower. Next, you also need to consider the materials of the shower curtain. For a more durable shower curtain, you can choose to use an afro women shower curtain made from vinyl or fabric. Nylon or polyester are two recommended materials if you choose to buy a fabric shower curtain. Fabric and vinyl are easy to clean. You can just wipe the curtain with a sponge or cloth if you only have limited time to clean it. If you have time, you can wash it.

You must keep your bathroom hygiene. Because of that, you need to choose a shower curtain that can prevents bacteria. Some of the black afro woman shower curtains are designed with materials which can keep away the bathroom from bacteria and mildew. As a result, your bathroom is clean and hygiene enough to use along with interesting and eye-catching model. You may also consider using a double panel curtain. The double panel keeps the shower curtain more durable than one curtain. Another important thing is that you also need to install shower rings. There are two types of rings you can use which are the basic or decorative. To support the black afro woman model, you may buy the decorative shower rings. Those decorative rings will strengthen the image of the black afro woman and makes the design looks eye-catching.

You can wonder how a shower curtain can have such meaningful descriptions. Then, you should imagine it as a canvas. It has the same function as the art pieces you hang in your living room. So, you need to perceive it as an art form rather than judging it functionally. Although, these shower curtains have excellent price tags unlike many art pieces out there. It’s affordable because, well, it’s a shower curtain. But there’s no doubt that the print quality and art of Afrocentric shower curtain is perfect for any bathroom’s decor.

Mix and Match for Lady with Afro Shower Curtain 

Besides installing the black afro shower curtain, you also need to mix and match the decoration to make it more interesting. Moreover, a great mix and match will strengthen the message you want to show to the users of your bathroom. For a more attracting black afro bathroom, you can combine the black afro shower curtain with something yellow, black, chocolate, brown, and gold. You may get the reference of black afro woman before designing the bathroom. You can also add some accessories that support the theme such as wooden or rattan materials, real plants, and many more. All of them are to create the atmosphere of African to bring the Afro lady looks alive.

The most important thing to know that creating Afrocentric bathroom is easy and fun to do. The first thing is deciding the focal point first. Here, you already have the focal point in which the shower curtain. After deciding the focal point, you can improve it by adding some accessories that strengthen the afrocentric shower curtain. As a result, you not only have a beautiful, clean, and hygiene bathroom but also an interesting bathroom without losing its function as a bathroom. The afrocentric shower curtain is the outstanding object in the bathroom and your guests will be amazed with the design.

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