18 Inch Pantry Door with Louvered Bi-ford Style for Small Pantry

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This louvered 18 inch pantry door is perhaps what you will require for your small pantry area. It is not too big so it takes the space that you will actually need but will still be fully functional. The door receives three sanding steps. It has natural pine texture as its finishing. However, the material can handle painting or staining really well. So, if you wish to make it blend better with your overall kitchen theme, you can apply extra finishing over the wood.

18 inch bifold doors, like this one, are perfect for a small pantry because of several reasons. It helps you saving space because of the mechanism used in this door. It is made to fold outward. You can actually maximize the storage space inside your pantry because you door allows it. In addition to that, the panel does not extend far from the pantry space when opened. People can still conveniently move around the kitchen while the pantry door is opened. The door also increases accessibility, since you will be able to reach into the nooks and crannies of the pantry.

The 18 inch pantry door is an inch thick. It is made of laminated veneer lumber or LVL stiles. The material reduces risk of warping significantly. Because of that, this door can last you a quiet long time. The louvered style of this door offers an advantage as well. It allows a little bit of light and air to come inside the pantry. Any area in the house requires at least a minimum amount of air circulation. Pantry is not an exception. The louvered design minimizes direct sunlight exposure too. It prevents your food and beverages from going bad too quickly.

This bifold pantry door is a solution if you want to install a door for your pantry area with no fuss. It is already pre-hinged. The guide for installation process also comes with the package. With minimum knowledge of handiwork, you may be able to install it by yourself although professional help is certainly well appreciated. The package already includes necessary hardware and track so buyer does not need to purchase additional materials to install it.

Another great thing about this door is that it receives FSC certificate. The certificate indicates that it is produced in adherence to environmentally friendly production method. Buyer gets five year of warranty when purchasing this product. If you are looking for high quality door for the pantry, you should check this 18 inch pantry door.

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