Featherproof Pillow Protector

Featherproof Pillow Protector with Tight and Solid Cover for Preventive Measure

by May 7, 2019

Featherproof pillow protector is useful cover in order to keep pillow in fresh and no external exposure. Pillow uses feather to keep it subtle and soft. Special cover acts as sack to keep the those feathers in check. After long usability, pillow is not as used to be and feathers start to crumble. The worst situation, your pillow do not have any feathers or down at all because of tossing away completely. This is where protector is needed.

Protection from dust and wet

The main feature is protection for what inside to prevent it goes outside completely. However, you need this one as additional proof to keep it out of dust and wet. When purchasing pillow, there is cover, but it may not be strong enough to keep the dust from direct penetration, especially from liquid and water. If you need enhancement, pillow protector is the right choice at all. With thick nylon, the protector is capable to dissolve wet from drying quickly. You can clean immediately with linen. On the other hand, you do not need to open and take out the pillow when seeing the dust and debris.

No bed bug and mites

One issue about pillow is bed bug. Normally, pillow must be washed and cleaned. Even though you sleep in clean bed and hygiene environmental, those insects are still threat that needs to handle properly. Featherproof pillow protector has smooth texture, but very solid that mites cannot pass into feather. Therefore, your pillow is always in fresh condition with no risk from bed bug.

Washable and zippered cover

This kind of cover is easy to add because of gas zipper. You just open then put the pillow directly into inside area. It looks like bag with reliable size as pillow measurement. Of course, you need to choose the right size. At store, the pillow protector has various sizes from small to big one. Additional feature is easy to wash regularly. When protector looks dirty, you just take the pillow out via zipper then clean zip pillow protector separately. It keeps the pillow fresh and prolongs the pillow durability.

Protector is not obligation to put on your pillow. However, it has many useful functions in term of pillow utilization. You do not want pillow in depraved mode because the feathers break away from cover, right? Moreover, the protector is capable to keep the dust and insect out of direct penetration. With strict and solid texture, you can sleep in comfortable way. Besides, featherproof pillow protector also has soft contour to keep your neck and head in proper position.

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