Hoosier glass vase 4041

Hoosier Glass Vase 4041 and Some Tips to Pick the Right Items

by May 3, 2019

Among many glass vases, Hoosier glass vase 4041 becomes one of the famous one. Actually, there are some factors that make the glass vase so famous, and it is about the value. Based on the shape, it may have common shape as other vases. Even, some people will say the other vases look better in design. However, the value is different. Even, Hoosier glass vase becomes one of the vintage items.

Those who do not know the value will only think this is common glass vase. However, those who know the Hoosier glass vase 4041 will think it is more than just a vase; it is a nice collectible item who can be so pricy. Actually, you will only find the used version of vase since manufacturer does not produce the vase with the series of 4041. In case you want to collect this item, there are some important points to check.

Serial number

This becomes the clearest part of the Hoosier glass vases. All vases made by the manufacturer has different serial number consisted of digits of number. Although so far there is no clear catalogue of Hoosier vases, the serial numbers show the series to identify.

Quality check

Then, in order to make sure that it is real Hoosier vases, it is important to check it in antique experts. Common eyes may be tricked, but it does not work on experts’ eyes. They are not tricked and cheated easily. There are some indicators known only by them and these help them to determine the quality. Even, the experts can also state the estimation of price based on the condition.

Condition of glasses

Physical appearance needs to get attention. Even if it is real Hoosier vase, it is better to check the appearance. When there are scratches or other signs of physical errors, then it is better to avoid the glasses. In case you still want to take it, you may ask lower price due to the defects. If you are not so meticulous in seeing the details, you may ask your friends or other people who know the vintage items to hunts the vase.

Those are some points to consider in choosing Hoosier vases. Although it may only look like common vases, the values of vases cannot be hidden. Even, it becomes vintage items. Therefore, it is better in picking the vase as your collectible items, so you will always get the best value and condition of Hoosier glass vase 4041.

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