How to Install Pendant Light without Hardwiring

Some Steps of How to Install Pendant Light without Hardwiring

by April 24, 2019

When you want to add some lamps on the house but there is no access of electricity or wires, you will need tips of how to install pendant light without hardwiring. It is common that some houses or rooms have limited access for wires or sockets. When it happens, usually people will try to do hardwiring to make the access. However, it may take time, and sometimes it will break some parts of wall or ceiling. That is why alternative solution is needed.

Actually, it is not too difficult to install pendant light without doing the hardwiring. You only need to check and do each step and instruction then you will get the nice pendant light installed in your house. These do not require special skills in electricity, so there is nothing to worry. These are the steps to follow.

Prepare the materials

First thing to do about the how to install pendant light without hardwiring is to prepare some materials. You will need lamp fixtures powered by battery. Then, you will need chain or rope. A piece of wood and two hooks are the other things to prepare. Moreover, command strips and strong glue will be needed to attach the fixtures, so do not need to use drills and other tools.

Apply the glue

Before applying the glue, it is fine if you want to paint some materials to match your favorite color. Once these are ready, then it is time to apply the glue. In this case, you have to be sure that you are using strong glue that can be strong in all kinds of surface. The glue is applied on the hook. First hook is applied on the wood that will be the base. The second hook is attached on the fixture, but you have to be sure that you still can get access for the battery. These will be the second step of how to install a ceiling light without existing wiring.

Use the hook

Once the hooks are glued, it is time to use the rope or chains to connect the base to lamp fixture. It will be easy and you can adjust the length of chain or rope based on the height of room. After that, you can use the command strips on the base. The command strips will make the base attached to the ceiling. After that, you only need to try the lamp.

These steps are so easy to do. It is not only a good solution of lamp installation without hardwiring, but it also gives good solution when you need removable lamp. Since it only uses command strips, it is easy to move. Surely, the tips of how to install pendant light without hardwiring will be so helpful.

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