A Simple Guide in Having 12x36 Medicine Cabinet

A Simple Guide in Having 12×36 Medicine Cabinet

by April 24, 2019

In the old days, a 12×36 medicine cabinet was just a set of shelves that placed behind a door which doubles as a mirror. Vanity was not used in the bathroom with sparse bathroom décor.

Nowadays, a bathroom vanity replaces the setup of an old medicine cabinet to store drug prescriptions, toothpaste and other toiletries. However, we still need storage to store our prescriptions and other medicine appropriately. These days, there are lots of options available in the medicine cabinet.

Based on your bathroom shape, size, décor and also style, you may need a mounted cabinet or a mounted one. Furthermore, you may also need a larger cabinet with dual doors attached. The function of the cabinet is now changed as it can also be used to hold spare towels and other toiletries. You can have a wooden 12×36 medicine cabinet or one which looks like a mirror that mounted on the bathroom wall. Below are things to mull over a medicine cabinet before making any purchase.

Type of installation

Medicine cabinet in the old days came with a mounted design. However, based on the available space, there are dozens of installation types you can choose from mounted to the recessed cabinet. A recessed medicine cabinet is considered safer as it is directly mounted to the wall while the mounted cabinet is mounted vaguely that have hit head risk in case you are bending over at an incorrect angle.

Finished, colors and materials

When it comes to opt for a medicine cabinet, the options range from wood, mirror to stainless steels. Before selecting the proper material, think about your desired style too. When you have chosen the cabinet material, you still have to think about finish and colors. You can also choose a matte tone, high gloss finishing, stained glass, the painted wood or brushed metals finishing.

Shape and size

Medicine cabinets are such the perfect size to store drug prescriptions and other related pieces of stuff. In fact, you can have the storage space as you wished for which limited to the available space. Bear in mind that there are various cabinetry options when you are concerning about the depth, shape, and size of the cabinet for medicine.

When mulling those things over you have to think about whether you are going to have a frameless or framed mirror front look. If you want to achieve a romantic or classic style, a recessed 12×36 medicine cabinet with ornate edges is perfect for you.

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