Gene shepherd rug hooking

Gene Shepherd Rug Hooking and Various Products for Creating Artistic Craft

by April 23, 2019

Gene shepherd rug hooking provides everything you need to do rub hooking. You can visit store and see the rug with unique design because it looks like painting. Moreover, it has smooth layer with yarn or fabric in interesting combination. This is example of rug hooking as the art and craft to develop unique and artistic rug style. Gene shepherd has long history in this field to support people with passion to do this art. What do you need to create your own hooking? It needs tools, rug, pattern, and dye.


To distinguish between rug hooking and regular rug product is pattern. Many styles are available in gene shepherd rug hooking. You can get styles, such as heart of the home, big bird, my color box, miss wiegle, California ripple, china hen, and Scottish thistle. Heart of the home is the style consisting of curve patter entangled each other. Most styles are quite difficult for beginner. That’s why you should attend online course.


Gene shepherd rug hooking needs supplies such as rug and tools. Rug does not have pattern as similar to plain paper to draw. In this case, you should choose base color before rug hooking. The most important tool is hook. You use it to change fabric length and put in strict area. Hook consists of various sizes, such as 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Besides size, hook has different pointing like straight, long, and bent hooks. You use them simultaneously to create pattern. Rug hooking needs delicate touch and accurate crafting. You use smaller size to reach tight corner then keep the bent one to stand before adding tap. The supplies are available based on what you need in gene shepherd.

Special order

Next product is special order that’s only for specific request. You have idea, and need the right tool. Gene Shepherd will help to assist in order to develop your pattern. Besides, special order also comes from company that’s not for public display. Normally, the tools for rug hooking do not much different. However, you can consider purchasing tools with perfect grip at hand. It helps during working for longer period. It is available in gene shepherd rug hooking books.

The products are available at official website. You can learn how to do rug hooking in online course. It helps beginner to understand this art properly. Tutorial video is also available to guide step by step in gene shepherd rug hooking.

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