10x17 portable garage replacement canopy

Things to Keep in Mind before Having a 10×17 Portable Garage Replacement Canopy

by April 22, 2019

10×17 portable garage replacement canopy is one of the most on demand products you can also mull over whenever your portable garage need a replacement cover.  As you know, most portable garages are made from metal frames which is heavy duty along with covers made from polyethylene which are specially designed to stand up to sun rays and harsh weather. The covers are also durable making it a great choice to store your vehicle. However, continuous contact to weather so long can also cause wear and tear or rips. The garage covers will probable wear down earlier than the garage frame.

If you find problem on your portable garage’s cover or canopy like wear out or rips, you must need a replacement. A replacement canopy will actually perform like its original. A new canopy is going to protect your equipment or vehicle from sun rays, and any kind of weather conditions. Furthermore, it also lets the air flow easily in order to prevent rot within the garage.

Whenever you find your portable garage’s cover wear out or rip, there are several ways to go for when it comes to doing some replacements. Follow these steps below to 10×17 portable garage replacement canopy.


First thing you have to check is whether the cover is still covered by the warranty or not. The warranty will cover your purchase if the replacement you’ve just bought is ripped or cracked. To find-out more, try to expose the warranty agreement and notice the duration of the warranty. To know more details about the warranty, you can also contact the manufacturer directly. It is always better to have a replacement rather than buying a new one, right?

Determining the damage causes

If the cover is not under factory warranty, then you have to observe what makes the cover to bend, rip or even damaged. By knowing the damage causes, you will be able to conclude whether you need to buy the equal cover or you need an upgrade.

Buying a dissimilar garage cover

In case you are going to buy a different cover than your previous one, there are few things you have to think about. First of all, you will need to observe which covers that will work well with the garage frame. If you would rather replace your soft top into the hard one, observe which kind of galvanized steel that will be attached to the garage frame. Otherwise, if you don’t want to replace your soft top, choose a cover that can work effortlessly with the existing garage.

By following those steps and taking notice at the garage conditions, you will be able to conclude whether you will need new 10×17 portable garage replacement canopy or some upgrades.

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