how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet

Some Tips of How to Keep Area Rug from Bunching Up on Carpet

by April 19, 2019

When you have area rug, you may need tips on how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet. It is useful tips since usually the area rugs can easily bunch up whenever someone walks on it. It may seem like simple problem, but it can be annoying. You have the area rug to make your room look nicer and more comfortable. Therefore, when there are problems on it, it only makes the condition worse and you fail to get the comfort from the rug. Luckily, you are not the only one who gets the problems. Many people face the same problems as you, and there is good solution.

It is true that the problems happen in many houses. Whenever there are rugs, there are chances for the rugs to bunch up. In this case, these tips will be helpful. By following the points, you will not need to worry about the problems on your area rug. Well, your room can be so nice. What you need to do is only to follow the steps.

Buy rug pad

The main reasons of bunching-up rug are found on the floor. The floor makes the rug easily glide. Moreover, most of the rugs have soft surface, so it is very easy to glide and bunch up. Because of it, the reason is to change the surface of the floor and rug. Of course, it is not by changing the floor. You can choose to have rug pad. You can find the rubber pad that will be able to reduce the soft surface.  As a suggestion, it is better to look for pad with suitable size as the rug. If you cannot find it, you can look for bigger size and you only need to cut it. Surely, it can be best solution of how to fix area rug wrinkles.

US double-sided carpet tape

It is actually optional to use the double-sided tape as solution for how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet. Usually, the rug pad is enough to stop the carpet to bunch up. However, to make it sure, you are able to use the tape. However, it can take time since you need to flip the carpet first to apply the tape on back of rug. You can use the tape on all sides of rug and on diagonal lines of the rug. It will make sure that the rug will be attached on the pad well.

Wrinkles on the area rug can be so annoying, but it is possible to solve it. Those points can be helpful for you. In fact, those tips are not only to remove the wrinkles and prevent the rug to bunch up. They can also make the rug safer, so some adults will not easily get slipped while walking on it. Surely, these tips are as useful as the tips of how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet.

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