Frontgate Bath Rugs with Artistic Design and High Quality Material

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Frontgate bath rugs

Frontgate bath rugs have artistic design with elegant pattern. Manufacturer uses the top quality to ensure the product is durable enough to withstand excess wet. You can choose memory foam with soft rug surface, but with secure footing. To know more about bath rug, read the following sections.


First thing to consider is related to material. As you know, this kind of rug is specialized to keep around bathroom either inside or outside room. In general, it is usually in dry area or in connector to shower section. After you have full body shower, use this rug to clean water in your feet. Based on function and purpose, material is the most important thing.

Frontgate bath rugs utilize cotton as the key material. It is capable to absorb water and liquid easily. In order to strengthen this feature, the material might have additional compound, such as memory foam and secure footing cotton. Memory foam will give clean and dry process faster than regular cotton. On the other side, secure footing is necessary because too much water will create slippery condition. Even though rugs absorb everything, you still see leak under rug layer. That’s why secure footing becomes necessary.


Next thing is the design with many options. In Frontgate, you can choose several products based on design and composition. They are resort cotton, resort backweave, Belize, Tribeca, Egyptian cotton, felicity, Asher, ethereal, and Bello. Those designs have unique pattern that’s different each other. For example, resort cotton is plain style with soft rug layer at surface. There is not complex pattern, but you can choose many colors. Frontgate provides colors for this product, such as ash rose, seascape, white, ivory, grey, and carbon. For more beautiful bathroom rug, you can try Tribeca and felicity styles.


Well, in order to keep rug in proper condition, you need to clean and wash it regularly. Due to thick feature, the rug is better to be in dry condition before further washing. If you put this rug in excess moisture and wet condition, regular washing becomes necessary. Manufacturer gives warranty regarding the product. It is friendly material to wash in machine.

So, which rug is for your bathroom? The design has attractive pattern than fits with your bathroom style. All products are high quality because manufacturer uses the top material. That’s what you should know about frontgate bath rugs.

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